What Should Your Brand Website/YouTube Channel Be About?

Hey all! In this video, I share with you my thoughts on what you should make your website/YouTube channel about, as a continuation of our discussion last week on how you should start building a brand for yourself NOW. Essentially, there are two things you can make your website/channel on. 1. A ‘diary’ site where you go from ‘zero to hero’ as you either learn something new, experience something new, etc… Maybe you decided to start learning piano and want to be an expert in 2 years? Make a content site documenting your progress!! Same with online marketing, you can Continue Reading →

How to Create a Custom Domain on PeerFly

What a custom domain would look like: 0:34 How to set it up for you: 1:03 Hey all! In this video, I show you how you can create a custom domain tracking link in your PeerFly account without needing to use a third party tracking tool. This is a pretty cool feature unique to PeerFly since it allows you to basically ‘cloak’ a nasty affiliate link without needing to use a third party software. The result is that instead of having a link that looks something like ‘www.trkur.com/id=2222’, you would have ‘www.yourdomain.com/id=2222’. Definitely much more pleasing and easier to spread Continue Reading →