How to Add ClickBank Trust Badge to Your ClickFunnels Website

Hello everyone! Now that we talked about our music in this post, and are loaded with good energy, it is time to get down to business!!

Also, if you are not sure what ClickFunnels is, it may be a good idea for you to have a quick look at this post so you know what we are talking about here!

So what the heck is a ‘ClickBank Trust Badge’ and why would I want that horrific thing on my website?

Well actually, it’s not that horrific.

It looks something like this, taken as a screenshot from the website:



That top button is what it looks like, and it looks pretty cool.

It adds credibility to your website, and when people click on the link, it takes them to a webpage that gives more information about ClickBank, including time spent in business, and their rating (A+).

ClickBank actually also said that this badge is required on any webpage leading directly to a ClickBank pay form.

Sooooo… you actually have no choice but to put this thing on. Here is the link to where I got this information from:

Read for yourself! Regardless, it looks pretty cool and makes you look credible, as mentioned earlier, so you have nothing to lose.

With that being said, let’s get started.

I will try to make this as readable as possible, so I will write in order from 1 to xxx (hopefully it won’t take more than 99 steps).

1) Sign in to your ClickBank account.

2) Go to ‘Settings’, to the right of ‘Dashboard’.

3) Click on ‘My site’ to the right of ‘My account’.

how to add clickbank trust badge to your clickfunnels

4) Click on ‘configure settings’ in the middle of the screen in the ‘ClickBank Trust Badge Injection Code’ area.

how to add clickbank trust badge to clickfunnels

5) Select the option that you want, i.e. the placement of the Badge, and the color scheme.

how to add clickbank trust badge to your clickfunnels

6) Click ‘save’ if you are OK with waiting 15 minutes for the new code. Click ‘go back’ if you want a faster method.

Now that should give you a code when you go back to the previous page.


It may take 15 minutes, if not more, to give you the updated code. So…

There is another way of doing this.

To the right of your username in the code, it says &position=bottom_left&theme=black.

It may give you different values for position and theme, but for me, those are the default settings.

If you do not understand what I am talking about, go to this page, and scroll to about the middle of the page where you will see a code:

Now, we need to…

7) Open your ClickFunnels page that you want to edit in edit mode.

8) Go to the top-right corner, and click ‘settings’.

9) Click on ‘tracking codes’.

how to add clickbank trust badge to your clickfunnels

10) Copy and paste the entire link from the page I sent you, including the ‘&position=…..’ into your HEADER section.

how to add clickbank trust badge onto your clickfunnels

11) Change the position and theme values to whatever place and color you want your Badge to be. So if I want my Badge to be in my top left area, and be the color light blue, I will write …position=top_left&theme=light_blue… These are the ONLY words you should be changing. Change NOTHING else in your code. 

how to add clickbank trust badge to your clickfunnels

That’s it. You should see the ClickBank Trust Badge showing on your website now.

how to add clickbank trust badge to your clickfunnels

See the ClickBank Trust Badge on the top left of your page?


Keep in mind, do not make up custom colors or placements, it will not work.

Only the locations and colors specified in the website I linked to you will work.

Here is the link again for you to reference:

That is all! But check out our next post where I show you how to setup navigation bars on your ClickFunnels page using method 1 and method 2 so that you can guide visitors to whatever area of the page you want them to go to!

If you enjoyed ClickFunnels and want to learn more, you can try it out for free for 14 days with my affiliate link here:

Check out the video if you haven’t yet, if you prefer watching someone do it rather than reading through it!

Thanks for watching and until next time!



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