What IS ClickFunnels?

Why does everyone keep talking about CLICKKFUNNEELLSSS??????

What could it possibly be?!?!?!?!?

Well, that’s what I’ve been sent down to this earth to tell ya.

ClickFunnels is a software that allows you to create a chain of pages (known as a funnel) – such as landing pages (also known as opt-in pages or squeeze pages), sales pages, thank you pages, etc… all connected to one another.

what is clickfunnels?

These can be used by anyone and everyone, including artists, lawyers, doctors, and you!

One of my friends is a lawyer and he uses this for his webinars… Quite an effective tool!

ClickFunnels also allows integration between other affiliate marketing tools, such as GetResponse (which we will go over in later posts/videos), and tracks your contacts and can send auto-emails.

It is very, very easy to use, and extremely intuitive. You literally click a button to insert what you want. You can check out this post if you want to see how I create my landing page from scratch without using any template on ClickFunnels!

If you want a tour of ClickFunnels, please watch the video above, or go to my channel by clicking on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the video on this post. I show you roughly what’s behind the ClickFunnels doors and what it looks like as you design.

You can click here to see how I setup my landing page, or here to see how I make my thank you page.

Also, check out my next post where I explain how important A/B or split testing is to your affiliate marketing success and how to set it up on ClickFunnels.

If you liked ClickFunnels, or want to learn more and try it out for FREE for 14 days, click on my affiliate link below:


Thanks again for watching, and will see you guys in the next post/video!