What Is A/B (Split) Testing and How to Set It Up in ClickFunnels

Welcome back! In our previous post, I explained what ClickFunnels is for those of you just joining, but before that we talked briefly about the 3 ways to change video size.

However, any adjustments we make are useless if your landing page is not getting you results, and the best way to get results is with… A/B testing!

I will jump right in to tell you what A/B testing, or split testing is, and how you can set it up for yourself. If you want to jump ahead of the game and see how to setup split testing in ClickMagick, feel free to do so.

Split testing is a way that you can test your pages in ClickFunnels and determine which pages are most effective for conversions, thereby using those pages instead of the ones that are least effective.

It is like showing a couple of new gifts for your mother, and going around asking your friends to see which one they like best. The one that they like the best you will gift your mother with!

Except that this example is prone to opinion errors, whereas split testing with funnels is based off of real math – one page will convert better and another won’t.

So let’s setup our first variation landing page: Check out this post if you want to see how we create our first landing page from scratch on ClickFunnels.

1) Log in to ClickFunnels.

2) Click on ‘browse funnels’ on the top in the ‘funnels’ drop-down menu.

3) Select the funnel you want to test, and click ‘edit’.

4) Click on ‘Create Variation’, which is to the right of your existing page for that funnel.

adding A/B (split) testing in Clickfunnels

You have now created your second testing page.

In the middle of the two pages, you may have noticed that a new option has been added – one that allows you to determine what percentage of the time you want people to go to what landing page when clicking on your link.

Create whatever changes you want on your second page, such as maybe adding new pictures, or deleting certain elements that you think can MAYBE have a negative effect on your results.

Then scroll the cursor to whatever percentage you want people to land on one page versus the other. So if you want people to land on both pages evenly, scroll the cursor to 50%-50%, then click ‘save changes’.

A/B or split testing in clickfunnels

You are now all set with these 2 test pages! Depending on the results, and which page gets you more conversions, you would want to make THAT winning page your main page, and delete the other one. Then just repeat the process over and over again until you have a 100% conversion rate!!

Now if you want to test out more than 2 pages at a time, you would have to setup a new funnel, make your theme the same as your first main page we have edited, and repeat the process.

I describe how to add the two links you now have on ClickFunnels into ClickMagick in this post, but for now you should be able to have all these pages open and ready to operate at a moment’s notice!

To save your page as a template, follow these steps:

1) Click ‘edit’ on the page you want to save as template.

2) Click on ‘settings’ in the top-right corner of that page.

3) Click the bottom option that says ‘save page as template’.

A/B or split testing in Clickfunnels

You should now have that particular page saved as template so that you can use that same template to serve as one of your split testing pages in another funnel.

Hope that helped! Check out our next post as we learn how to change font color in ClickFunnels!

If you are interested in ClickFunnels and want to learn more or try out the 14-day free trial, check out their video on my affiliate link at:


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next post/video!

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