Creating a Completely New Landing Page In ClickFunnels

Hey all!

In our last post, I told you the two ways you can change your font color in ClickFunnels.

But in this post, I want to combine some of the knowledge from the how-to posts I did in the past and use them all in one landing page! Check out this video as I guide you through making a completely new ClickFunnels landing page.

If you want to learn what ClickFunnels is, check out our first post in this series here.

I pick a random offer from ClickBank and create a landing page about it. Simple as that!

Check out the video to see what the page ended up like looking.

Also, check out my next post where I show you how I created my thank you page to go hand in hand with this one!

If you enjoy ClickFunnels and want to learn more, check out my affiliate link here to try them out for 14 days for free.

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  10. Outstanding Funnels

    Wow, you have a lot of tutorials on ClickFunnels – always good to see people teaching and learning about funnels!


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