What is ClickMagick?

Welcome back everyone!

Now that we did some videos and posts on ClickFunnels, we can begin a new project – ClickMagick! Hooray!!

If you came a bit late, and missed our posts on ClickFunnels, no problem! You can check out what ClickFunnels is right here, and then go from there.

So what is ClickMagick?

Well, what is a test?

It’s a way to determine whether what you are doing could be done better. It is a way to determine whether your landing/thank you/sales pages are performing as well as they should be, or need some tweaking.

There are two (2) main benefits of ClickMagick.

The first is that you can obviously track your progress. It tells you STATISTICS of how many people visited your site, how many clicked your action button, and how many went further and further.

It will allow you to gauge where you are and where your main weakness is – are people really loving your landing page, but then just don’t proceed further? Or is no one clicking your action button on your landing page at ALL?

Perhaps some major renovations are in order!

These statistics are absolutely CRUCIAL if you want to become successful at affiliate marketing – there is no way around hours and hours and hours of testing, and figuring out the page style that best fits with your audience.

The second benefit of ClickMagick is that this software also allows you to mask your ugly affiliate links. Click here to go straight to the post that shows you how to do that!

No one wants to click on a link that looks like this (actual ClickBank affiliate link!!!!!!!!):

what is clickmagick?

Conduct an experiment: share this link on all your social media and see how many people click the link! If you send this raw link to STRANGERS, I’m pretty sure your results would be 0.

Yes, so the link looks pretty nasty and chances are people will puke before they click it. If you want to learn how to mask that nasty link, just read this post where we go over how to mask such nasty domains!

Furthermore, if you use that link, it is possible it is blacklisted as there are many affiliates that may try to send out that link to others. Therefore that link will be blacklisted and people will not receive your email in the first place…

With ClickMagick, you will be able to set-up your own website name (you can create your domain using any domain provider, such as Namecheap, and then integrate it with ClickMagick), which is more likely to get you sales. Perhaps your new link could look something like this:

what is clickmagick?

Ambition is my username, so that word will be different for you, and the domain (www.clkmg.com) can also be changed if you buy your own domain on Namecheap for less than a dollar per YEAR!

So now you have an idea of what ClickMagick is and how it can benefit you. Check out our next post to see how to setup your own custom domain to your ClickMagick!

Stay tuned as we follow through with this and integrate this with ClickFunnels and go over ways to utilize this to it’s best capacity.

If you are interested in ClickMagick or want to learn more, feel free to try out their 14-day free trial on my affiliate link below:


Thanks for reading and see you in the next post/video!


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