My 30 Day YouTube Challenge Results

Hey everyone!

In this video, I show you the results of my 30 day YouTube Challenge, which is a challenge to upload 1 new YouTube video a day for 30 days. These results are really encouraging and I am hoping to now do the challenge for 60, 90, and then 365 days!

Here are a few videos which started me off with this idea: by Miles Beckler, and by Eric Worre.

This challenge is indeed a challenge, especially if you are fairly shy and don’t like to get in front of camera (like me). But over time, you get used to it and you learn other cool things that keep helping your videos grow!

I started off with 0 views and subscribers and over the 30 day period grew to over 1000 views and 81 subscribers – quiet an accomplishment for a beginner! My videos also kept getting better – check out my first video if you want to see what I mean! Or rather, don’t :p

The best part is that this momentum keeps rolling as you keep making new videos and over time you will get more, and more, and more, and more views, likes, comments, and subscribers – just like the snowball effect!

So thanks for watching this video as I share with you my experience.

If you are trying to develop a brand or establish yourself and want to get our there in the YouTube world, embark on this journey with me and we can all grow! You will see similar results for yourself on your channel!

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