What Are MagickPops?

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In this post/video, I tell you what MagickPops are, why they are useful, and how to set them up in ClickMagick!

In short, MagickPops are… you guessed it! Popups!

You may be asking why we are going over such a simple tool when you can easily do something like this on any webpage, or at least include some type of addon that enables you to add a popup.

This is true – indeed you can. But can you… add a popup to a page you DON’T own?┬áNot unless you are using ClickMagick!

ClickMagick MagickPops allow you to place popups on ANY webpage that allows cloaking so that you can gather information from the people visiting that site, even if the site is not yours. So if you are an affiliate marketer promoting some website and are too lazy to create your own landing page, or just have way too many offers to spend time on this, you can just create a popup and people may actually input their information upon visiting that site. You can actually also set the popup option to be not closable… so you actually pretty much force people to submit their email and any other piece of information you want them to for your subscriber list. This may not be advisable, as you may get an angry mob of subscribers who didn’t want to be there in the first place… but hey, what the heck, right.

In addition, some software programs like ClickFunnels can only allow you to edit one popup per page at a time unless you are using other 3rd party tools. And this can include ClickMagick. So you may have one popup come up as soon as someone enters the page, and then another popup just before someone leaves. The more you can engage with your audience, the better!

But let me show you how you can actually get this MagickPop popping for you. On your main ClickMagick page, just click on ‘content’ at the top, and select the first option – ‘MagickPops’. From here, we will need to create our own popup. You should input the name of this popup, the dimensions (more on this later), the timing, and whether it’s closable or not. Intelligent exit option is pretty cool, as it allows you to have the popup open when the person is about to leave the page, or any action similar to this, such as scrolling over the tabs on the top. The system recognizes actions akin to those of exiting, and puts a popup right there and then for your audience. The cookie duration basically says how long you want the cookie to stay on that person’s computer for. If it’s an hour for example, then this person will receive a popup every hour upon visiting your page… I would suggest keeping this at about 1 minute (which is the minimum) while we are testing out our MagickPop so we don’t constantly have to reset our cookies every time…

Now we can get to the fun part…We need to actually create our popup… Unless you know some hardcore HTML, I would strongly advise you to create a form on GetResponse and then just copy and paste the code into here. If you are uncertain about GetResponse, check out our previous posts about what GetResponse is, and how to setup some autoresponders on it.

But after you login to your GetResponse, click on ‘create form’, and setup whatever template of form you want. There are over 300 different templates you can choose, so don’t think that you will run out of options. The interior is pretty straighforward, and if you want to change anything, just follow the buttons and make the changes. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or the GetResponse representatives! You can also create a ‘thank you’ popup and a split test version of your popup by clicking the little plus icon on the top left of the page. Also, make sure that you set up your popup on the right campaign, by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of the page. Ensure that after people subscribe they enter the proper campaign, especially important if you have more than one…

After you finish your form, click on the ‘publish and save’ button on the top right. You should then get an HTML code that you can simply copy and paste just between the body tags of our MagickPop creator inside ClickMagick. Your popup should now be ready and good to go! Oh, and I almost forgot to talk about the dimensions. To check the dimensions of your popup, just pretend like you’re about to increase the width/height of your popup in GetResponse, but don’t actually move anything. Just click that mouse button and hold it there – it will tell you the width and height of your popup that you can include in your MagickPop option inside ClickMagick.

After you do this, you can click on ‘preview’ on the bottom left and see what your popup will look like. If you like the way it looks, click on ‘save’!

Now what we can do is select any page at all that you want to have this MagickPop on. You should ‘create new link’ and enter that link at the bottom. Create your redirection with whatever domain you want, and then click on ‘advanced settings’. You should say ‘yes’ for cloaking, and scroll down and select the MagickPop name from the list of whatever ones you have. Click on ‘save changes’ at the bottom when you have done this.

You should be officially done now! You can copy and paste that link that you just created into your browser and it should show you that page along with the popup. Remember, you can use this on any page you want, even if you have no control over it!

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next post/video!

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