How to Use the Timers Feature

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In this post/video, I show you how to setup timers in ClickMagick and why you may want to set them up on here.

Basically, if you have a landing page creating software such as ClickFunnels which only has limited timer customization options, or you just don’t have the timer option at all, you can go to ClickMagick ‘content’ at the top and select ‘timers’. Just play around with the options until you create a timer that you see fit by clicking on ‘preview’. Let’s see what some of the options are and what they mean.

– Timer Name: I hope you can deduce what this means! 🙂

– Timer type: you can have either ‘evergreen’ or ‘date-based’. Evergreen basically sets a given amount of time for every new person that goes to your site. So if I enter your site today and you give me 1 day on the timer, then my timer will start ticking down 1 day. If ANOTHER person comes in 4 days later, he will still have a 1 day countdown.
Date-based means that you can set a certain ‘expiration day’ during which your timer will expire. So if I enter the page today, and the other person comes in 4 days later, then that person has 4 days less than me to partake in whatever offer I’m offering.

– Timer style: sets the style type for your timer! There are basically 8 different customization options you can choose from here, with a different background and/or number color every time (only white/black options).

– Timer width: the size of your timer, ranging anywhere from 100-600px.

– Show: shows whether you want to show the days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds, or any combination of these. Keep in mind if your promotion lasts 3 days for example, and you do not show days, the timer will NOT add up the days into hours, ie. it will NOT show 72 hours in this case, just 24.

– On expires: you can decide what you want the timer to do – whether it be to just stay at 0/0/0/0, just disappear, or start over! You can also redirect them to another landing page with perhaps a different offer for those who ‘missed your promotion’.

That’s about it for the options. To see how to include this timer into your MagickBar, just hold on until the next video! But if you want to insert this into your webpage, simply click on ‘get code’ after you save the timer, and then copy and paste that code into your webpage HTML form.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next post/video!

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