Creating Color Gradient Text Using Custom CSS (On Some Browsers)

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In our previous post/video, we went over color gradients for a background in any element in ClickFunnels using custom CSS.

However, I did mention that it would not be as simple as changing the FONT gradient color as we did for the background – and that’s because there is no such specific property yet in custom CSS, and we have to do a walkaround – that works on some browsers and not others.

What we basically have to do is to create a background color as we did in our last ClickFunnels video, create the text on it to be transparent, and clip everything from our background except that text.

The properties ‘background-clip’ and ‘text-fill-color’ are not accepted in all the browsers, so we need to add prefixes before each property to ensure that it works in the browsers of our choice. For example we would write ‘-o-‘ for Opera, ‘-moz-‘ for Firefox, and ‘-webkit-‘ for Chrome. Unfortunately, these commands don’t seem to work in Internet Edge at all and I have not found a way yet to make this text gradient work there.

But for Chrome, after we create our text in text editor, we can type the following sequence of properties to get this to work after we select our element ID: ‘{background:linear-gradient(to right,blue,red); -webkit-background-clip:text;-webkit-text-fill-color:transparent;}’. What we have done here is created a gradient on our text going from left to right starting from blue to red, by making our text transparent and thus seeing the background color by clipping everything except that text.

If this doesn’t work, try out some of the other declarations for other browsers, which you can find here:

The one we have written above should work for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera at least.

That’s it!

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