Integrating Custom Domain With Namecheap (Using CNAME DNS)

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In my previous post/video on buying a custom domain and integrating with ClickMagick, we have used ‘method 1’ to connect our custom domain to ClickMagick so that we would be able to generate a custom tracking link for our… you guessed it! Tracking!

Unfortunately, that method has proven to be unreliable and ClickMagick has noticed that, so in this video, I show you how to setup your custom domain using ‘method 3’, AKA CNAME DNS in order for you to have your custom tracking links available!

If you have setup your custom domain previously using ‘method 1’, first thing we will need to do is to just erase that from our domain manager in ClickMagick and delete the redirect from Namecheap – basically start all over.

Our first step would be to head over to Namecheap, and input whatever host name you want for your tracking link. Don’t worry about showing crazy tracking links to people such as ‘’, or ‘’ (the first part of that is the ‘host name’) because if you don’t cloak your link, that URL won’t show up in the bar at the top – the tracking link is designed purely to track clicks on your site. It may flash for a second or so at most, but the URL that stays is the one that you input originally.

Anyway, in this example, I am using ‘’, but you can use ‘’ as well. If you ALREADY have a website setup with the ‘www’ hostname, then you can just add the additional hostname that is NOT ‘www’… such as ‘track’. Select “CNAME’ for the first option, and input your host name, followed by the following value for ClickMagick: either for tracking links, or for rotators. Don’t confuse the two – rotators have more customization options and are generally used for people SELLING clicks to track amount of clicks specifically. Tracking links and split testing is mainly used for people BUYING clicks in order to track conversions and overall effectiveness of the landing/sales pages.

If you have a website set up already and just wanted to install the tracking link here, you are done then for the Namecheap section here. However, if you also want to setup your website to show with NO host name at all, add another redirect link, select the ‘A record’ type from the first menu option on the left, input ‘@’ for the hostname, and input this ClickMagick IP address for tracking links:; and this one for rotators:

That should cover our Namecheap section for the CNAME DNS setup.

Now all we have to do is head back over to ClickMagick, click on ‘domain manager’ on the top right menu option, and input your new domains that you input into Namecheap here. So if you wrote down ‘www’ for the host name on Namecheap, write down ‘’ here in domain manager. You may also want to add the URL just for your domain name without any hostnames, such as ‘’.

If you check the ‘cloak’ option, then your tracking link will also be the link that people see upon landing on your page.

If you say ‘no’ to cloaking, then the URL that people will see is the URL that you listed down, basically your naked affiliate link. We will go over how to change THAT link in a later video where we go over CloudFlare integration.

Click ‘save and continue’ and you should be good to go now – upon giving anyone that tracking link, they will land on your site and the clicks will track!

That’s it! That’s how you do a CNAME DNS integration with ClickMagick using Namecheap!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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