Integrating Your Custom Domain With Cloudflare

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In this post/video, I show you how to integrate your custom domain with Cloudflare so that you can use your new domain to show the ClickFunnels webpages that you have created instead of the original, ugly, default ClickFunnels links!

In our previous post/video, we setup our custom domain with Namecheap and then ClickMagick to track using CNAME DNS, but ClickFunnels only allows you to have custom domains through Cloudflare, so we need to learn how to do it on this platform as well.

So, the first thing we need to do is to create our Cloudflare account at ‘’. Once you do that, you need to input your new domain into the main bar when you just sign in, without any subdomain, such as ‘www’, just ‘’. After you do that and wait about a minute for it to load, you need to write down the subdomain that you want your domain name to have, and also set it up with no subdomain at all, much like we did in our previous video. So set up one CNAME record pointing to ‘’ as the value with ‘www’ as your subdomain (or whatever subdomain you want), and another CNAME record with ‘@’ as your subdomain, standing for ‘nothing’. Make sure the clouds are orange for you.

Next, we need to input the values provided to you by Cloudflare back into Namecheap. So open up your Namecheap account and open your domain you want to setup. You need to change the middle menu option to ‘custom DNS’ and add the values provided to you by Cloudflare. Click the green checkmark when you have done that!

Now, we just need to wait for our site to propagate and work worldwide, which can up to 24-48 hours. In our case, it took about 10 minutes. But, we still need to add an SSL certificate to our site so that it shows as ‘secure’, and add a page rule that also redirects your page to a secure server. Go to the ‘crypto’ option in Cloudflare and select ‘full’ for the SSL. Then, go to ‘page rules’, and add a forward URL page rule by inputting first your full domain name followed by a ‘/*’ to symbolize any subID’s that come after your domain name, and redirect it to ‘$’ under the ‘301 permanent redirect’ option.

This should be it for the Cloudflare section!

Now we just need to go back to our ClickFunnels and add our custom domain to our account. We can start by going to the top menu option and selecting ‘custom domains’. We need to add a new custom domain by saying ‘use existing domain’ and then ‘manual setup’. Add your custom domain without any subdomains, turn the SSL certificate on, and select what page you want to redirect visitors when they hit an error, or when they type in just ‘’, without any subID’s.

After you have done that, we need to go back to our funnel that we want to change, and change 3 things: the overall funnel domain setup, the funnel step domain setup, and the individual landing page domain setup. We can do that by clicking the ‘settings’ option at the top right of our funnel, the ‘publishing’ option just below it for the funnel steps, and the little gear icon just below each landing page edit button for each individual landing page integration.

After you have done that, you may also want to go to each landing page, click ‘edit’, and just save. That will ensure the new changes you have done have been saved!

But aside from that, your integration should now be complete! We have done a test in the video, and everything has worked successfully, so be sure to check it out till the end to see what you should be looking for.

Here is the ClickFunnels guide that you can also follow and read on to see how to setup your custom domain on Cloudflare:

That’s it!

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