How to Set Up Your Tracking Link Through Cloudflare

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In this post/video, I show you how to setup your tracking link on ClickMagick using Cloudflare assuming we already set up our custom domain through Cloudflare on ClickFunnels like in the previous video.

It took me quite some time figuring out how to do this… So I thought it would be a good idea to spare you those burdens as it shouldn’t take more than a solid 5 minutes figuring out and making your tracking work for you… your success in affiliate marketing is in your landing and sales pages, not the tracking in and of itself – tracking is merely a tool to help you achieve your goal, and it took me a long time getting that tool to work properly given that there are many conflicting FAQ’s on different integration tools. Don’t let that happen to you!

What we basically have to do is simply add the ClickMagick value to our Cloudflare integration assuming we have set it up properly like in the previous video. We then enter the subdomain/hostname to be whatever you want (other than the one already setup in Cloudflare). In our example, we use ‘track’ as the subdomain, and ‘’ as the value. When you input that, it is important to turn that cloud GREY, NOT KEEP IT AT ORANGE. THIS is what will allow you to use that ClickMagick tracking link properly and not even have to mask it, since our domain is already set up!

In the video, we then proceed to test our tracking link, and hey! It works! Remember, you can put whatever you want in the subdomain/hostname field since people don’t actually see that link if you don’t ‘cloak’ it – they will only see the actual URL of your site.

That’s it!

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