How to Add Tracking Pixels to ClickBank

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In this post/video, I show you how to add those tracking pixels to our ClickBank order form and order form confirmation pages. You have no control over those ClickBank pages, so it’s not as easy as simply copying and pasting the code into your ClickFunnels page.

If you want a review of tracking pixels, check out my previous post/video where I explain it in more detail.

Remember that the names ‘action’, ‘engagement’, and ‘sales’ tracking pixel don’t mean anything special – they are just names. A name to you could mean different things than a name to someone else. So you don’t have to put the pixels on the same exact pages as everyone else. You can put your sales pixel on your home page for all I care, as long as you KNOW what that sales pixel firing symbolizes and what importance it has for YOU.

Given that, let’s assume we are using our engagement pixel to track people visiting our order form page, and the sales pixel to track people visiting our thank you order form page. We need to copy the code by going to ‘track conversions’ on the little gear icon next to our ClickMagick tracking link, and paste it into the ClickMagick ‘integrated sales reporting’ section at the bottom after you go to ‘settings’ and ‘my site’ on ClickBank.

Select ‘tracking pixels’ from the drop-down menu and pick ‘order form’ for our engagement pixel, and ‘order form confirmation’ for our sales pixel. We simply copy and paste the pixels provided to us by ClickMagick into these areas. We do however, need to remove the HTML portion of those pixels and only add the ‘…’ part, as ClickBank automatically puts in the necessary information themselves. You would also need to add an ‘s’ at the end of your ‘http’ in order for the pixel to be confirmed. Otherwise, it looks like it is an insecure pixel and ClickBank will not accept it.

After you do that, click ‘confirm’ and you will land on the main page in ClickBank again. Make sure to click the little green triangle to activate your pixels so that it is not paused, and your process should be complete!

In this video, we tested the pixels and they seemed to be firing properly, so make sure you follow these easy steps properly to ensure your setup is correct!

That’s it!

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