ConversionFly or ClickMagick For Tracking?

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In this post/video, I compare two tracking software programs – ClickMagick and ConversionFly. We have been working with ClickMagick in all my previous videos as I am fairly comfortable with this system – but if you find you prefer ConversionFly, by all means go for that instead! Here is my┬áprevious post on ClickMagick if you want more details on it.

I compare the two tracking programs across 3 dimensions: simplicity of use, overall control, and customer service. Let’s go over each of these one by one from what I found to be the biggest differences!

Simplicity: ConversionFly is by far simpler to operate and understand than ClickMagick. Unless you have watched all my previous ClickMagick videos, you would have to dig around in the FAQ’s, or wait several hours for a representative to help answer your question in ClickMagick. In ConversionFly, everything is pretty simple and instructions are provided for every single step of the way. Upon asking the founder of ConversionFly what the main difference is between them and other tracking tools, he responded by saying that ConversionFly paints a picture or story for you in regards to your funnel. And it literally does – it has pictures of your pages of the funnel and results right underneath, so you can explicitly see how each page is converting and where your clients are mainly stopping. In ClickMagick, there is some more interpretation required and you need to pick at the numbers individually to determine where you stand, especially if you have tracking pixels setup on multiple pages, and the only difference between them is the ‘ref’ value you put at the end of it.

When you first sign up for ConversionFly, you are scheduled an appointment where a representative would help you set absolutely everything up for your funnel, something really convenient and simple to get you started. No need to dig into the FAQ’s or wait hours for a reply.

Also, when testing your tracking for your funnel, you can simply ‘spoof’ your IP with a click of a button, so you don’t have to reset your cache/cookies and wait a minute after every single test you make. In ConversionFly, just change your IP and go again.

Control: because ConversionFly is so much simpler and easier, it also gives you less control over what you can track and see. If I have a very complicated sales funnel with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ options, and many different webpages, such as if you have a navigation bar, it will really complicate things here and not make the process as simple. ClickMagick allows you to put up to 5 sub-ID’s onto a single tracking link, but an unlimited variation on them, so you can track an unlimited amount of traffic sources. ConversionFly only has 10 or so different traffic sources tracking links, so you are limited to those for the time being.

Customer service/support: ConversionFly support is more expansive, as it also provides phone support during certain hours (I think it’s like 10-6 on weekdays), but this allows you to ask them those complicated questions and ensure that someone stays with you for the duration of the time it takes to solve it. In ClickMagick, you can wait hours for a reply, only to find out that that reply is not satisfactory and you need to wait another few hours to try to formulate your question in a way that gets the point across. In regards to the regular chat support, it is similar to ClickFunnels or ClickMagick in that it may take a few hours to hear back as well.

Those are about all the differences I could find between these two programs. Take a look and see what works for you – do you prefer simplicity and ease, or more control over your tracking? The choice is yours!

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