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In this video, I wanted to show you how to access some cool button, guarantees, stickers, and more that you can use on your ClickFunnels page. ClickFunnels has buttons, but not as sophisticated as you can see here. They are rather plain and get the job done, but if you want that extra attention, definitely check out the site:

If you go to the top left corner, you can see a dropdown menu for further options, which you can use as well. Some of the options are for guarantees, stickers, discounts, etc… so if you are promoting a product with a 50% discount, and a 30-day money back guarantee, definitely check out these stickers!

Now you may also notice that there is a white background that remains after you save the image. So if you have a different colored background and you want to paste the image there, tough luck! The white will override your background and you are left with a big white backgrounded button.

So in this video, I also help you remove it using Photoshop. It is not as simply as copying the image and deleting the background because most images here are GIF’s – so they are basically like extremely short videos and we need to edit every clip.

We therefore need to open the GIF rather than just place it and select ‘window’, and ‘timeline’ at the top of your photoshop bar. You can select the magic wand tool and remove all the white background. If you are finding that the wand isn’t deleting fast enough, increase the tolerance for your wand so that it covers a larger area. Alternatively, if you are finding that the wand is deleting too much color that it shouldn’t, reduce the tolerance on the top tools bar.

You will need to delete the background from every single clip as the GIF moves along, so whatever you do to one image to remove the white, multiply it by 4 (or as many clips as there are for that GIF).

After this, we need to ‘save for web’. Do NOT simply save as because that will not save your work as a GIF. We need to ensure that our new item gets saved as a GIF. After you ‘save for web’, ensure that it says ‘GIF’ at the top, and save it to wherever you want to! You should now be ready to use this new item with a transparent background!

That’s it!

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