How to Immediately Load Page On Any Section

Hello everyone!

In this video, I show you how to take people to any section of your webpage immediately upon clicking on your URL. If you have a website with multiple tabs, that’s an easy thing to do – you just provide them with a different URL for every page that you want them to go to. But what do you do if you only have ONE PAGE and you want them to land on a particular part of your page?

Well that’s exactly what I talk about in here!

It’s actually very simple – all we need to do is to simply copy the ‘CSS info’ from the section that you want the user to go to. Then you should paste that section immediately after your URL, separated by a forward slash. Now when you hit enter, you will be immediately taken to that section!!

This is incredibly useful if you are using sitelink ad extensions on ad networks and want people to click on those sitelinks and be taken directly to any section of your page.

In addition, if you are using ClickMagick sub-ID’s, like we talked about in our previous video where we were able to determine our exact traffic source, you should put any tracking links BEFORE you put in your section id. So it would look something like this: ‘’. Now your user will be instantly taken to that ‘#sectionid’ part of your page, but you will still be able to determine your traffic source!

If you are also using tracking templates in your ad networks, you should put this section ID after your ClickMagick TRACKING link, NOT your destination URL – because your tracking link you already set up points to destination URL, you should just change the tracking URL, not the destination URL. More about this later when we get into ad networks, so don’t worry too much if you are not using this yet.

If you just have one URL that you are giving out without a ClickMagick tracking URL, just put the section id at the end of that – don’t worry about the tracking links then.

That’s it!

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