Overview of the Most Common Traffic Sources

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In this video, I go over the biggest traffic sources you can use for your online marketing – Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. I rate them all on 3 factors – simplicity of use, customer service/availability, and any other factors. Let’s begin!

– Yahoo ads: the interface is just as easy to use as Facebook, and definitely not as intimidating as Google AdWords or Bing. You can easily copy campaigns, ad groups, ads, with very minimal effort, just like in Google or Bing, but as opposed to Facebook, you cannot target your niche as specifically based on interests. The customer service is lacking however. You need to wait for an email response back and sometimes it’s a big pain in the butt if something doesn’t work out – and it usually doesn’t, at least for me. For example during my first campaign, for SOME reason I was written down as ‘analyst’ for my ads, not ‘owner’, so I was not able to change ANYTHING until I emailed them – which took a few days to figure out how to do.

Simplicity: 1/3; customer service: 0/3; options available to customize: 2/3.

– Facebook ads: by far the most specific of the bunch. Facebook has a toooon of information available ‘for sale’ in regards to people’s interests and wants. You can really narrow down your audience and sell to the correct niche, which is why there are so many entrepreneurs making a living from Facebook ads alone. If you can properly narrow down your audience and have the right ads, you’re good to go! The interface is also fairly simple and you can customize however you want to. However, they are very strict on health-related products, such as weight-loss, so you need to be extremely careful with your website and the wording of your ads. And if your ads do get disapproved, or something isn’t working out, there is no one you can speak to. You can exchange messages, but the replies usually aren’t very specific and take a while to get back.

Simplicity: 3/3; customer service: 0/3; options available to customize: 3/3.

– Google ads: largest search engine tool at the moment. If you aren’t making money from Facebook, this is the next best thing. The only problem is that you can’t narrow down your audience as finely as with Facebook, but through a lot of testing, you will be able to get where you need to anyway. The customer service is there, but they do not work weekends, and have limited chat support during the weekdays, so if you have an urgent issue, you will need to wait. The interface is also very intimidating if you are new and just starting out – but that means there are lots of features you can utilize and use to your advantage as well!

Simplicity: 1/3; customer service: 2/3; options available to customize: 2/3.

– Bing ads: the leader in customer service by far. These guys go out of their way to help you with your ads succeeding. Definitely a good place to start if you are new with affiliate marketing or online marketing in general. Their chat support is available 24/7 and you can call them for most of the day on weekdays. They also always follow up with you through emailing and ensure that you are doing well and have no concerns. In regards to their interface, it surprisingly looks 95% similar to Google – so also just as intimidating if you are starting out fresh, but if you can learn Google ads, then you can learn Bing as well.

Simplicity: 1/3; customer service: 3/3; options available to customize: 2/3.

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