What Is the Google Tag Assistant Extension?

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In this video, I show you how you can use a little Google Chrome extension – Google Tag Assistant, to help you determine whether you have your tags set up properly on your webpages, whether it is for conversions or remarketing like we did in our previous videos.

You do need to use Chrome, and you do need to be in non-incognito mode to be able to install this extension and use it. To install it, simply click on the right-hand side of your Chrome browser where you see the three little dots stacked on top of each other, click on ‘more tools’, and then ‘extensions’.

You will be taken to your extensions list, so just scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on ‘add new extension’. From here on, you will be taken to the extensions market, so just type in ‘google tag extension assistant’ and install it onto your browser. Simple as that!

In order to use it, go to the page that you want to test the tag on, activate your extension by clicking on the top right hand corner of your browser, click ‘enable’, and refresh the page. Open the extension again, and you should see all your tags that are active on the page. Red means it’s not working and needs to be fixed, blue means it may or may not work and we need to look at a few things to make sure, and green means it is working perfectly and we should leave it as is. If your tag is red, just click on it to see what is wrong – it will tell you exactly what is causing the issue. Usually it will be something simple like ‘tag not placed in the body tag’, but if it is something that makes no sense to you, I would recommend reaching out to the Google support team on your Google AdWords top right gear icon, and talk to them. You will also be able to schedule an appointment with them so the support team can look at how you set it up and fix it if based on their expert knowledge.

You can use this tag on any page, even if you have no control over it, such as ClickBank order form page to determine if your tag is setup there properly.

That’s it!

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