How to Add a Chat Now/Contact Box to Your Website (Olark – Part 1)

Why do I need this?: 0:11

First time signing up at 1:28

Adding the chat box code to your site: 3:02

What the chat/contact box looks like: 3:53

Testing the live chat feature: 5:05

Hey all!

In this video, I show you the first part of our installation of the really cool chat/contact box feature we can use on our website (ClickFunnels) using Olark. This is a really cool feature to have not only as a contact form that people can fill out and ask anything they want to, but also as an instant live chat messenger you can use yourself to talk to people in real time if you are on your computer at the time of their visit. This helps build trust and potentially increase your sales since people see that you are there to answer any questions they have and that there is a live person behind the screen ready to answer any last questions they may have before making that next step (sign up, purchase, etc…).

In order to do this, simply head over to:, and sign up. You can select of the paid plans you want to, but really, all we would need is the basic free plan, which gives you more than you really need (at least at this point in time, and hopefully onwards). It may say that you are only allowed 20 contacts per month, but as per my conversation with an Olark representative, that number has been changed to unlimited.

After you sign in, you will be provided with a code – simply input that code into either the head or body tag of your website – in our example in ClickFunnels we put it into the header section since our only options on the page itself are either to place it into the header or footer. After you do that, hit save and preview, and that’s pretty much it! You will be able to see the little chat box immediately present, and you can click on it to expand the box and be able to type anything in.

In order for the ‘contact us’ box to change into ‘chat with us now’, you will need to launch the chat, which you can do by clicking the button on the top right corner of your main olark dashboard. On the top left, you can then toggle whether you want to accept new client messages or not, You should then be able to reply to any comments from your visitors in this same area, and alternate between the visitors by alternating the tabs on the top left, or bottom of that main screen. In the next video, I will show you how to change your display name and customize that chat/contact box to really any way you want to. And in part 3 of this short series, I will briefly show you how you can change the code and customize each individual chat/contact box if you have more than one website you are using the same code on.

That’s it!

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