How to Customize Chat/Contact Box on Your Website (Olark – Part 2)

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to customize the chat/contact box we have added to our website from last video.

We do not need to use the paid features to access these, and I will go over 5 basic options we should change when we are customizing our box: appearance, text, attention grabber, greeter, and display name.

– Appearance: you can use any color you want here for your chat box. The text in the background will automatically change from white to black, and vice versa when you select a color that makes it harder to see, so do not worry that your color will be too dark/light. You can also adjust the theme background here, so if your website is a bit more on the dark side, you can make your background completely black, with the exception of the messages. You can also change the location of the box from right to left, and make it a little icon instead of the entire box with a message in it!

– Behavior/text: this is where you can customize literally any part of the text from your text box on Olark. You can also select the option for the visitors to your website to email you if you are away. This way, it serves as kind of a contact form instead of having to manually input a form into your website and take up space.

– Attention grabber: this is an awesome little addition to your box on Olark that grabs attention! As you may have seen from the video, the chat box is rather small – with this addition, visitors will be more likely to actually NOTICE that we have this box in the first place. You can include a transition so that the attention grabber slides in after a few seconds of the page loading, or have it show up immediately on page load. You can either upload your own attention grabber, or pick one from the gallery provided. The ones provided are sufficient in my opinion, and are more than enough to do the trick! You can also select an attention grabber for your contact form, but you can only include your own custom image and are unable to select from the same custom gallery as you could for the regular chat now box.

– Automatic greeter: this cool feature allows your chat box to immediately expand with a question or statement, or whatever text you want it to have after xx amount of seconds after the user opens the page. So for example you can create the message ‘Hey there, thanks for browsing our page! Do you have any questions?’ that will automatically show up in the chat box 20 seconds after the visitor loads the page. This helps build credibility and lets the user know that they are being taken care of!

– Changing the display name: when you message your visitors from the Olark platform, the display name that automatically shows up is the email that you first used to sign up to Olark with. This may not be something that you would want your visitors to see, so just look at the top right of your main Olark dashboard, and click on ‘profile’. It will give you the option to change your display name and username, so just change the display name to whatever you want your user to see when you talk to them!

That’s it!

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