How to Customize Chat/Contact Box on Each Website (Olark – Part 3)

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How to access developer API codes: 0:37

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Testing our custom changes: 6:31

Hey all!

In this short series, I finish off by telling you how you can customize each individual page manually using developer API code. This is useful if you have multiple pages and you want to have a contact us form on all of them. If you change everything from the main dashboard as we did in our previous video, then that will automatically change your box across ALL of your websites where you use Olark. So we need to be able to manually go in there and play around with the code so that it changes the box only on THAT particular website and not others.

The way we do that is go down to the bottom of our dashboard to the ‘developer API’ tools, and select it. We then need to select whatever option we want to change for our individual website, such as color or placement, or whatever you are looking for. Copy the code that is provided to you under that category, and paste it in the tracking code just underneath where it says ‘custom configuration goes here’. In between the apostrophes for each code, write down whatever it is you want the change to be. So if you are changing the color, you should see a hex code already input into the area. Simply look up on Google the hex color code of your desired color, and paste it in that area instead! If it is position we are changing, then you would write either ‘left’ or ‘right’.

If you do it this way, you will see that the chat/contact box on that particular page will be different than the original one with no changes. The one with no changes has the changes done automatically in the main dashboard on Olark, and so it will not deviate from that unless you input a different code for it.

That’s it!

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