What Is Facebook for Business and How to Set It Up

Why use Business for Facebook?: 0:48

How to create your account: 4:18

How to transfer ads from personal account: 7:14

Hey all!

Here is the name of the Google Chrome extension I was talking about: ‘Kill News Feed Extension’. This can help you stay focused by blocking all news feed from showing when you are working on Facebook from your personal account 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to show you why Facebook for Business may be beneficial for you to use and how to create an account, transfer your other ads, and a general run through the interface!

Basically, Facebook for Business is another way for you to login to Facebook, but it is meant for the pure purpose of creating ads. Using it has many benefits, and I will mention them here!

– Ability to share your ad accounts with others and place them in a particular role set. You can share your ads with other members of your team for example and get them to review your ads. Afraid they will steal your credit card information and create their own business?!?!?!? No problem! You can simply limit their access level to that of ‘analyst’ or ‘editor’ and not ‘admin’! You can also share pixels here as well!

– You can create multiple ad accounts here. So if one of your accounts gets suspended for some reason, you can simply create a new one. Word of advice on that though – do not input your credit card details on all of your ads immediately at once. If you are using one account, put in the credit card details into that one and use it. If your account gets suspended for some reason, you can simply input your credit card details into the other account and start using it. If you put in the same credit card details across all of your ad accounts, Facebook can suspend accounts that have the same credit card numbers on it.

– It is just not that dang distracting. If you are working from your personal account and playing with the audience insights tool (which we will get into) and want to look at other pages you never heard of before, you can easily review those pages without being afraid of being bombarded by hundreds of notifications, messages,, and friend requests. Not to mention those great Candy Crush invitations that you find so damn hard to resist. Facebook for Business is meant for… how shall I put this bluntly… BUSINESS, so you will NOT be distracted by all those people trying to get a minute to talk to Your Highness!

– In my opinion, Facebook support is probably the worst support I have ever come across, and the fact that it loses to Yahoo Ad support speaks volumes. BUT, I have been told that support is more receptive and takes you more seriously if you are using Facebook for Business. They realize you are here for serious matters and want to give you equivalent service (at least from what I’ve been told).

So now that you know a little about Facebook for Business, let’s check it out. The interface is incredibly simple and maybe even easier than that from your personal account. To do that, just type in ‘business’ before going into to facebook, like so: ‘business.facebook.com’. This will take you to the main login page. You will need to first sign in at the top with an existing Facebook account, and then create a business account. After you login, click on ‘create account’ and it will ask you a few quick questions before giving you full access.

When you login, you will need to first link a page to your account, and add your ad account ID if you already have a Facebook ad account and want to transfer it here. For some reason when I try, adding the page and ad account ID does not work for me on the main interface, so you will need to click on the button on the top right, ‘business settings’, and link your page and ad account from here. You can see a little flag on the left of your screen, so just click on it and say ‘add new page’. If you already have a page you want to use as the face of your account, great, just click on ‘claim page’. If you don’t, you should probably quit Facebook advertising and never come back. Just kidding, all you have to do is just click on ‘add new page’!

After you do, just repeat the process for creating your ads or transferring them here! Just below the little flag on the left hand side, you should see an option to manage ad accounts, so click on it and either transfer your existing ad account here, or just create a new one!

In the video I go into a little more detail into the interface, but that’s about it!

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