Should I Use Ads Manager or Power Editor?

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Power Editor advantage #1: 1:22

Power Editor advantage #2: 4:32

What Ads Manager is good for: 9:22

Hey all!

In this video, I show you the difference between the Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor tool inside of Facebook ads!

In short, they both have their purpose and it is ideal to use power editor for editing and creating ads, and to use ads manager to analyze the results of your ads. If you want to customize your columns beyond just the basic ‘CTR’, or ‘clicks’, you should look at the data on ads manager. In particular, here are the main differences I found between the two:

– Creating ads: much, much easier in power editor. Not only are you not taken away from the main action and the main interface, but you also aren’t required to make a new campaign… ad set… and then finally ad… You have to go through the entire process again just to create a simple ad if that’s what you want to do – gets tedious after a while.

– Duplicating ads: way easier in power editor without a second thought. Not only can you duplicate as many copies as you want at once (in ads manager, you need to duplicate one at a time!), but you can also create instant split variations right in front of your eyes (which is even FASTER than duplicating) when split testing demographics. No such features available in ads manager!

– Analyzing data: definitely easier to do so with ads manager. Later on, when we get to tracking pixels, this is something you will definitely need to be able to see in the results – what point is tracking your results if you can’t see them? Power editor does not allow you to see the actual conversion results that you set, but you can do with ads manager. You can also gather information as to what caused the most amount of clicks to your site and segment based on factors such as age, gender, location, etc… kind of like what we did in our Google AdWords optimization video.

These are some of the bigger things that I find with these 2 ways to manage your ads. There are small things that can have an effect as well, such as ads manager forcing you to have a limit on your headline and headline text description character amount when creating a first campaign. But Facebook is rapidly changing and evolving, like literally every day, so maybe there will be even more differences later on.

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