Overview of Audience Insights

Accessing the audience insights tool: 1:02

Overview of audience insights left-hand side: 1:56

Demographics tab: 3:45

Page likes tab: 7:30

Location tab: 10:27

Activity tab: 11:48

Household tab: 12:58

Purchase tab: 14:10

Hey all!

In this video, I give you a brief introduction to the Facebook audience insights tool. This is the ‘bread and butter’ of Facebook ads, since this is where you would find your ideal customer, especially if you don’t have a lookalike audience or remarketing list. You can access the audience insights tool by going to the top left of your screen and clicking on ‘more tools’. You should find audience insights somewhere in the list.

When you click on it, you should have 3 options presented to you – anyone on Facebook, custom audience, or people connected to your page. For the purpose of this video, we will not concern ourselves with the latter two, and just look at the ‘everyone on Facebook’ tab for now. But in short, custom audiences is when you create your own audience with certain dimensions or have a lookalike/remarketing audience and want to analyze their demographics. People connected to your page analyzes data for people who liked your Facebook page.

Anyway, we have a ton of different options available here in the audience insights tool. Let’s look at them here:

– You start off with the basic tool on the left hand side which allows you set your age, gender, location, and any sort of targeting you want – income range, net worth, even political stance! After you select your audience here, you can see the data that is available on the right-hand side.

– Demographics: you can see the % of men/women for your selected audience, as well as gender, lifestyle, relationship status, education level, and job title. The information is extremely detailed here, something you won’t be able to find in other traffic sources!

– Page likes: this part is very important when trying to narrow down your audience. This part will tell you what are the most common other pages liked by your target audience, and then how likely they are to like it compared with everyone else on Facebook (based on the affinity score).

– Location: pretty straightforward, but it gives you data about top country, city, and languages spoken by your selected audience.

– Activity: pretty useful piece of information. This will tell you how engaging your group is – how many pages they like, comments they put, ads clicked, posts liked, etc… as opposed to everyone else on Facebook. If you see that this group is 10 times as likely to click an ad as opposed to everyone else on Facebook, you may have hit a goldmine! This section also shows how segmented the group is based on device – how many use mobile, desktop, or desktop AND mobile.

– Household: this gives you information about overall wealth of your target. This includes income, home ownership, household size, home market value, and spending methods (credit card, cash, etc…).

– Purchase: this segments your audience based on actual spending habits. What percentage of your audience spends on high-end/low-end retail/online purchases, and what type of category are they most likely to actually spend on.

That’s it!

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