How to Track Facebook Ads (Especially Existing Posts)

How to track basic Facebook ads: 0:05

How to track ‘existing post’: 0:53

Testing the new links: 3:20

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to track Facebook ads using ClickMagick.

Now if you are creating separate ads across all of your ad sets and campaigns, then the tracking is really straightforward – simply copy the tracking link into the ‘website URL’ spot in Facebook ads.

However, if you have created ads with ‘existing post’ like we did in our previous video, you would need to add additional query strings to the end of your ClickMagick main URL.

The way you would do that is simply select the ClickMagick tracking link that you are using, and add the following to the end of your main URL assuming you already have a forward slash (/) at the end of it: ‘[s1]-[s2]-[s3]-[s4]-[s5]’. These are basically 5 sub-ID’s that you have input here that will be separated with query strings in your tracking link on Facebook. If you only want to have 2 sub-ID’s, then you can only input s1 and s2 – you don’t need to input all 5 here. Check out my previous video on sub-ID’s if you are unfamiliar with them.

After you do that, you need to make sure that at least one of your ads in Facebook ads is standing on the ‘create post option’ so that we can insert our tracking link there. After you make sure of that, we can change the Facebook URL parameters by adding the following depending on however many sub-ID’s you have: ‘fbtag1=yourfirstsubID&fbtag2=yoursecondsubID’ and so on.

When you do that, you should be able to copy and paste this exact same pattern across all of your ads and still be able to track them and see which interest or ad set/campaign performed better!

That’s it!

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