What Is a Lookalike Audience and How to Set One Up

What is a lookalike audience?: 0:26

How to create a lookalike audience: 1:14

How to use the lookalike audience in your ad sets: 3:25

What’s up all!

In this video, I tell you what a lookalike audience is and how to set one up in Facebook Ads!

If you have not created a custom audience or do not know how to make one, you can take a look at my previous video where I go over how to make one, because we will need to base our lookalike audience off of something.

But anyway – a lookalike audience is an audience… that is similar to an audience you already have, whether it’s people who liked your page, or visited a certain page from your website. Facebook determines this based on people who have similar interests, location, demographics, preferences, etc… as the target audience you have presented.

This is useful to use after you ran an initial campaign and want to now market not only to people who visited your site or bought, but also to people that may be SIMILAR to those people. This is a great scaling tool for your Facebook campaigns.

The way you would go about creating a lookalike audience in Facebook, is first making sure that you have some audience off of which you can base the lookalike. As mentioned previously, this can be a Facebook page that you have, or a remarketing list.

After you have an audience, you will need to go to ‘audiences’ (or you can create an audience from here as well), and select ‘create lookalike audience’. From here on, just select your country and the custom group you have. You can choose whether you want a lookalike audience that encompasses anywhere from 1-10% of the country’s population. I would recommend going with the 1% to get the most accurate audience. Anything other that may be too broad of an audience – 1% of the United States is 2 million already in this spectrum.

After you select your percentage and create a name, you should be good to go! Your lookalike audience is now complete.

Now, if you want to actually target this lookalike audience, you will need to go back to power editor and go into your ad sets. From here, you will see the option to add a custom audience – just select the lookalike audience you have just created just like you selected the custom audience from our last video.

That’s it!

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