How to Make Dynamic Ads

What are dynamic ads and why should I use them?: 0:08

What is a dynamic search ad: 1:24

Keyword insertion code: 2:40

Countdown code: 5:18

IF function: 7:46

Hey all!

In this video, I show you some really cool dynamic ads you can create with Google AdWords! This is incredibly useful if you want to make a closer connection with your clients and engage with them on a deeper level since your ads will match what they would type in EXACTLY. This fosters more trust as the user gets exactly what they typed in, word for word.

Let’s review some of the options you have available!

– Dynamic search ad: this ad is the shorter form ad available and it allows you to generate a dynamic headline based on the search terms the users input as well as the content on your webpage. I have never tried this myself, so cannot speak to it’s effectiveness, but I would not place 100% trust in it, as it is a computer-generated headline that scans your site and the users search terms.

– Keyword insertion code: this feature allows you to alter any word(s) in your ad to match the exact search terms the user puts in, based on the keywords you have available in the ad group. So for example if I have a keyword ‘monkeys’ and I type in ‘{keyword:monkeys}’ into any part of my ad, then if the user typed in ‘monkeys’ in the Google search bar, my ad will show the word ‘monkeys’ in those areas. Unfortunately, you are not able to simply type in one code such as ‘keywords’ and just show ads to anyone who typed in your keywords. So if you want a different headline for instance to show to people who type in all of your different keywords, you would need to create a separate ad for each of those.

I would recommend that you keep one regular text ad however with no keyword insertion code, so that just in case someone types in really similar to whatever your keywords indicate, your ad will still show and you will not lose potential clients.

– Countdown function: this cool feature allows you to put in a custom countdown timer that ticks away and shows the time until expiration live in days. So if you have a special promotion that expires in 5 days for example, you can type in ‘{countdown…} (just follow the Google prompts they provide you with)’ and you will be able to put in the exact time of day that your promotion will end. Your ad will then show how long is left until your promotion ends in real time. You can input words before or after this code, so you can say something like ‘There are only [countdown code here, for example 5 days] until offer expires!’. This can also go either in headline 1, headline 2, or the text field. if you only input the countdown code and it already says you are at ‘-30 characters’, just disregard it. You can still save your ad and it will still show properly.

You may also notice that you have no control over letter case (title case, upper case, etc…) for the countdown amount. This is something I reported and gave feedback on to the Google team so that hopefully they can allow you to have control over that, since if you have all title case words in your headline, you may also want to have the same on your countdown part. This is something offered under the keyword insertion code, but not here for some reason.

– IF function: last but not least, this is exactly what it says it is – an ‘if’ function. IF a user does this or that, you ad will show like this or that. So for example, you can set your ad to show one way for mobile users, and another for desktop. I am not sure about tablets however, but I believe they would fall under mobile. You can also create a sort of ‘custom audience’ and then add them in here as well. So if your audience fits the description you have provided, your ad will show that particular way just for them. Cool, huh?

That’s it!

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