How to Create a Membership Site In Under 10 Minutes

What a complete membership would look like: 0:25

How to make a membership site from start to finish: 2:00

How to keep track of members and remove/add them: 10:38

Hey all!

In this video, I wanted to show you how you can quickly and easily create a ClickFunnels membership site yourself. The whole process really shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes, and I am here to walk you through the whole way!

I use an example from the ClickFunnels 100-Day Affiliate Bootcamp Training as they are using ClickFunnels to create their own membership site that looks pretty solid in my opinion. The best part of it is that everything is set up and ready for you and fully functional so you just need to really put in your content and should be good to go.

We start off by clicking on ‘create new funnel’ from the main ClickFunnels interface. We will need to click on ‘sell your products’, and then ‘membership site’.

From here on, our site is pretty much done. Now we just need to select the template and add our content.

The first template you pick for the ‘membership access’ area is just your login page. This will be the same template whether it’s a new user signing up or an existing user signing in. You can select a template and then build it in whatever way you want to!

After you do that and select a template for the membership area, you can just start adding your lessons. The ‘lessons section’ is just what it says it is – a lesson section that will be the main header of your lessons, like ‘lessons for how to do x’ and ‘lessons for how to do y’, kind of like the ‘First Day (1-5)’ on the Affiliate Bootcamp site.

You can add individual lessons which can start off with a video or just basic text, and then add/remove sections from there. You also have a ‘drip’ feature which allows you to only show the lessons to people x number of days after they sign up, kind of like what the Affiliate Bootcamp is doing – they show you 1 new video every day.

In regards to your members, you should see your active members number on your main membership page as well. However, you should also have a button of some kind at the bottom of the page in case someone wants to unsubscribe from your list. You will then have to manually remove them from that membership tab, and if it’s a paid site, from the ‘contacts’ tab at the top of your ClickFunnels. You would have to go to the persons profile and then remove any purchases they made from the purchase tab so they stop receiving your content. But aside from that, that should be it for your membership site!

That’s it!

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