Facebook Ads: 2 Ways to Make Sure Your Ad Image Meets the 20% Text Requirements

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1st tool: 1:10

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you the 2 tools I use to ensure that my image stays within the 20% text boundary rule Facebook has. Basically Facebook doesn’t allow images with over 20% text on them, so before you put an image up, it’s a good idea to check it on these tools to make sure IF your ad get disapproved, it’s not for this reason!

Let’s go over these tools one by one:

– 1st tool:


This is probably a tool you have already seen on YouTube. Problem is, it’s definitely not accurate. What it basically is, is a ‘grid-checker’ where you can highlight all of your areas on the Facebook image which contain text, and it will tell you what proportion of the image that text occupies.

The problem is that you may have a tiny snippet of text on one grid and would still have to select to text… and what I see people doing is adjusting their text to fit within the 20% grid area. However, simply doing that will not work for you – Facebook doesn’t have ‘grids’ when they are looking at the text requirements, but they do see the percentage of text occupying the image. So a more accurate tool would be the following on…

– 2nd tool:


This one gives you a flat-out ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer when it comes to checking the text on your images. This is the tool I like to use first since it will tell me right away if I’m within the 20% boundary. It will either say ‘yes’, ‘low score’, ‘medium score’, or ‘high score’. Those basically mean that you should either reduce the text on your image drastically or by just a bit. To see exactly where you stand, this is where I would go back to the 1st tool and see how far away from the mark I’m at.

It’s better to ensure your ads follow guidelines first before submitting and getting rejected! Remember, the disapprovals do count against you in Facebook Ads and they keep track of them… so make sure you set everything up properly the very first time!

That’s it!

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