ClickFunnels: How to Add a Clickfunnels Funnel to Your Facebook Page

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Hey all!

In this short video, I just wanted to show you how to add your ClickFunnels funnel(s) to your Facebook page(s). This basically adds another tab to your Facebook page that will have your entire funnel on it. It will also have a ClickFunnels badge at the bottom of that funnel which has your affiliate ID on it… so if people click on that badge and buy ClickFunnels, you will get paid your full commissions for it (assuming they stay through the 14 day trial onwards).

The simple way to do this is to first select the funnel you want to show up on your Facebook page. If you haven’t created a Facebook page yet, I would highly suggest you do so – it will start accumulating likes for you for your campaign suddenly through random visits… so might as well have that page start showing and getting impressions… and likes and follows through people who somehow randomly stumble on your page. I have about 100 likes on one of my Facebook pages for a product I promote – that’s not anything to brag about, but considering I had it for only a few weeks and really didn’t even use the page at all, moreso even PAY for likes, I’m happy with that.

Anyways… after you select the funnel you want to show up, just go to ‘publishing’, and ‘Add to Facebook’. This will popup a screen that allows you to connect ClickFunnels with Facebook and select which Facebook group you want to integrate. Just select your group and that’s really it! Your new ClickFunnels tab should appear on your Facebook page on the very bottom.

Now if you want to REMOVE that integration, or move the ClickFunnels tab around, you would have to go to your Facebook account and click on ‘settings’ on the top right. Then select the third tab from the top called ‘edit page’. At the bottom there, you should have an option to edit, delete, or add new tabs… so just select the ClickFunnels tab, click on ‘settings’, and you should see an option to remove it. Once you do that, your ClickFunnels tab will be gone and you can redo it again as you see fit!

That’s it!

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