What Is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel overview: 0:34

A real life non-online sales funnel: 4:09

What is ‘death of a website’?: 10:54

Can these work for affiliates?: 14:35

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What is a sales funnel?

Why is there ‘the death of the website’?

A sales funnel is a sequence of connected pages that take people from the initial contact with you, such as a landing page, to the final, super high-value ticket item.

So in our previous picture, we could imagine 1000 people coming in to our lead page since that requires the least amount of trust and commitment.

Out of those 1000, maybe 500 will proceed to the sales page.

Out of those 500, 250 will proceed to buy item A.

Out of those 250, 100 will proceed to buy item B.

Out of those 100, 10 will proceed to buy item C.

Here is why this funnel was a great idea…

Because you were able to capture every part of the market – people who didn’t want to buy ANYTHING at all… didn’t even sign in!

People who were so into your product that they wanted to buy all the way to product Z… you gave them that opportunity!

People that only wanted to buy up till product D were also satisfied because you gave them THAT opportunity.

With a funnel, you have the chance to build trust with the people around you and give them plenty of opportunities to try out your products before moving on.

Never limit yourself by thinking people won’t buy expensive products – they sure as hell will if they see there is value in it!!!

If people come to McDonalds and don’t know you that you also have milkshakes and cookies and toys available… why wouldn’t you just ASK them if they want it?!?! THAT’S IT! Funnels allow you to ‘ask’ your audience if they want something else. If they say no, great! But majority of the time, they will say yes and you will benefit just like McDonalds! 8x the profit!

What is ‘the death of a website’?

Well, now that you see how a funnel works… you can see why a normal website isn’t ‘dead’… but it drastically reduces the amount of income you can potentially earn from each and every single one of your clients.

You have a website with some offers and when people buy that, they have earned the high-ranking status of ‘buyer’. They are now in the buying mood and obviously see value from what you offer. Why not capitalize on that and offer them more? The only way you can offer more to your visitors after they purchase is by… building a funnel…

And if you think that you may come off as too salesmansy and don’t want to overload your customers, think again – why would you keep to yourself things that you audience can benefit from? If you think you are a scammer and have no value to offer, then that makes sense – but if you are legit and offer real value to your customers, help them! It would be immoral not to!

Does this apply to affiliates as well?

ABSOLUTELY! Instead of only offering 1 item to your visitors, put down several!

Look for additional offers to promote that are related.

If you are promoting a website builder, offer your customers an autoresponder software and tracking software as well! If they already have one, great! If not, they will take you up on your offer and it’s a win-win situation!

In the next video, I will discuss what is meant by the phrase ‘whoever can spend the most to win a new customer wins’ and how it can change your entire marketing perspective!

That’s it!

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