One Thing That Can Be Slowing Down Your Online Marketing Results

The one trait that can be drastically slowing down your results: 1:11

Some examples of what I used to do vs. what I do now that drastically speeds up my results: 3:04

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do ANY job perfectly: 8:12

Instead of this trait… adopt this quote instead: 9:39

Hey all!

There are a lot of different skills and personality traits required to be good at online marketing that you see all the entrepreneurs possess – creativity, hard work, persistence, being a great communicator, able to tell a good story, good copywriting skills, patient and many, many more.

Just like there are things that are required in order to be successful in any field, there are also traits that you CANNOT have if you want to be successful… such as laziness, being a super slow learner, not being willing to learn, etc…

In my experience, there was actually one ‘good’ trait that really prevented me from making my first successful campaign. It took me 4 months to make my first successful campaign, but as soon as I abolished this trait, my results skyrocketed.

This is actually something you hear people use in interviews all the time as one of their strengths, but masking it as a ‘weakness’, saying ‘oh, I’m OVERLY xxx, thus this great thing actually hurts me!’

What is this trait that really hurt me in my online marketing and allowed me to finally make my first successful campaign?



Determining that this is what was slowing me down finally allowed me to create my first successful campaign and start generating recurring income after 4 months of doing this.

Had I not been such a perfectionism earlier, I could have seen results earlier than 4 months.

How can perfectionism slow you down in this field?

As already mentioned, online marketing is all about testing. So there is a certain amount of times you MUST fail in order to finally create a successful campaign and then be able to use what you learned across other campaigns and fields.

When you are just starting out like I did 4 months ago, I knew 0 about anything affiliate marketing related.

As I put up my campaigns and saw what worked and what didn’t, I would know for future reference how I should structure my campaigns.

If my campaigns would have been successful, great! I learned what worked and kept doing that. If they weren’t successful, I would have learned that ‘hey, this doesn’t work. Let’s look up online and see why it didn’t work and how I can fix this’. I would then try again and see the results.

If you are a perfectionist, this process is slowed down…. Tenfold…

Let me give you some examples…

Here are some examples of what I did vs. what I stopped doing which saved me tons of time…

Did not submit my campaigns on Facebook, Google, and/or Bing until my landing pages were perfect. I would make sure every line, every word, every color of text was 100% the same. If my line was 1 mm off, I would correct it and spend time adjusting every such little element. But have you seen some websites online that are super ugly but are actually generating sales??!?!? AHHHHHH SPENDING SO MUCH TIME ON YOUR LANDING PAGE ISN’T NECESSARY, JUST PUT IT UP AND SEE HOW IT GOES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

Did not submit my campaigns until I created multiple split test variations for every ad group/ad set. I would pick the perfect picture for example and split test right away many different copies, spending even more time on this. As we all know, split testing is like… 90% of online marketing… but split testing before even seeing if your product sells is a mistake. First see if your product sells and then split test… Trust me, having a different headline, or photo will not make the difference between a campaign that’s just failing and a campaign that’s really going to make you wealthy.

Don’t get me wrong – some things ARE required to be perfect before you submit, such as being 100% sure your tracking system is perfectly setup and you didn’t make any stupid mistakes in your autoresponder sequence.

But things like having a line that’s 1 mm off from the other lines should NOT be something you should spend your time on.

Determine what is important and what is not and spend time on the important aspects… Stop making excuses for why your campaign may fail and just do it. Submit your campaign and learn. The faster you fail, the faster you will succeed.

So what should you do now?

Better done than perfect.

Keep this in mind and instead of being a perfectionist just remember that it’s better to have something done than not even have it go out at all.

In online marketing, this is what will make the difference for you between taking 4 months to make profits vs. 4 years.

To fail as many times as possible as quickly as possible should be your goal. With every failure comes an important lesson.

That’s it!

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