Google AdWords: How to Create a Merchant Center Shopping Campaign

What is a Google shopping campaign?: 0:07

How to open and sign up to the Merchant Center: 1:19

How to add your products to the shopping campaign: 4:33

How to link the Merchant Center to Google AdWords: 12:25

Link to the product specifications article:

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to create your Google Shopping Campaign. This is a pretty cool way of selling your PHYSICAL products since the pictures that show up in addition to your ad are much more eye-catching than the regular text ads we have been working on in the previous videos.

The way we start this is by first creating a Google Merchant Center account by going to the ‘tools’ tab in Google AdWords and then clicking on ‘Google Merchant Center’.

Follow the steps to sign up to the account – you will need to input your website, contact information, etc… You will also need to verify and claim your website by inputting a code that Google gives you onto your site. My site is hosted on, so I just input the code provided into an area in WordPress specifically dedicated to Google claiming and verifying the site.

After you verify and claim your site, just click on ‘verify and claim’ and if done properly, your Google Merchant Center account should be successfully created.

In order to actually input the products into your campaign, you will need to click on the plus sign under ‘feeds’. You will basically have the option to get an excel file that Google already provided for you and can start filling in the blanks to setup your products. A few things you will need to include are the product name, description, ID, website and image links, etc… If you are unsure as to what each of those mean, check out the link I have provided to you earlier: This will tell you exactly what each section means, what is required or not required, and what options are available for each section. Also make sure that the price that you insert matches the currency of the country you have selected.

After you do this, the excel file will automatically save, so you just need to go back to your Merchant Center and click on ‘fetch data’. This will kind of ‘upload’ the data that you just input into the Center. You may need to refresh several times for it to upload, but don’t just sit there and wait for it to load. When I created my first campaign this way I waited for a good hour or two thinking that the results will automatically update, but all I had to do was click refresh to have it updated within 10 seconds!

Now that you have your account setup and all your products ready, it is time to actually create your campaign. To do that you need to be in your Google Merchant Center account and on the top right corner click on ‘account linking’. On this screen, you will be able to link this account with your Google AdWords account and it should be instantaneous.

You can then click on ‘create new campaign’ and just do the exact same things you have learned in the previous videos – set your bid/budget/name, etc…

You can also create a campaign in Google AdWords directly by clicking on ‘add new campaign’ and then choosing the ‘shopping’ option. You cannot add products directly in your AdWords account so you will need to go back to your Google Merchant Center and update your excel sheet if you want to make any changes. They should show up within 1-3 days.

What you can do in Google AdWords however is create sections for your products to be able to categorize them easier. But aside from that, any changes you want to make will have to be done in the excel sheet.

That’s it!

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