DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson – Summary/Review

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In this video, I wanted to share with you my take on the book ‘DotCom Secrets’ by Russell Brunson by providing a quick summary and my review.

This book is about the importance of funnels in your online business. Has some elements of how to be a leader and proper communication, but as opposed to Expert Secrets, this book focuses more on importance of funnels, different types of funnels, and how to structure your funnels based on the different traffic warmth or products you are selling.

If you haven’t seen my previous videos on what a sales funnel is and the importance of the phrase ‘whoever can spend the most to acquire a customer wins’ by Dan Kennedy, make sure to check them out since that is about 30% of the book. Here are the two videos I have on that:

What is a sales funnel?

Significance of ‘whoever can spend the most to acquire a customer wins’:

I listened to the audiobook that is about 4 hours long. Book is about 300 pages long. Can be bought for about $25 CAD on Amazon, but Russell is giving away a free copy currently where you only pay for shipping. Just follow the link I attached to take him up on that offer.

Here are some of the key concepts the book teaches you:

1. What a sales funnel is and why it’s important for YOUR business

2. 7 steps that separate a thousand dollar business from a million dollar business

3. How to write out your email sequence and how to appeal to your audience

In short, this book teaches you advanced online marketing techniques for increasing your conversions and making the most out of every single visitor that visits your page.

In short, a sales funnel allows you to maximize the amount of income you can earn from each visitor.

Instead of selling ONE item to your visitors, you identify people that are BUYERS and thus present them with immediate upsells and/or downsells to maximize the amount of income you can generate from them. If they want to learn and buy more, why not offer it to them? Book goes over many examples to illustrate the points.

– What are the 7 steps that separate a $1,000 business from a $1,000,000 business?

1. Traffic temperature

2. Pre-frame bridge

3. Qualifying subscribers

4. Qualifying buyers

5. Identifying buyers in heat

6. Age and ascend the relationship

7. Change the selling environment (covers a script for how to sell over the phone, especially useful for high-price items)

DotCom Secrets also goes over the proper ‘SOAP opera’ email sequence. Tells you what you should write for your autoresponders on days 1-5 and then thereafter.

In conclusion…

This book isn’t full of time-wasting crap and every minute spent teaches you something new.

If you are interested, definitely check out the free book (plus S&H) or the affiliate bootcamp, or both (don’t make the same mistake I did – I would recommend getting the affiliate bootcamp now since you only get 1 new lesson per day, so let it start now).

If you want to sell and make an impact in the online marketing world, definitely a recommendation.

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