Do You Need to Be a Pro Designer to Sell T-Shirts Online? 11 Super Simple Shirts That SELL

Going over shirt designs starting at #11: 1:17

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In this video, I wanted to share with you 11 super simple and easy Teespring shirt designs that sold incredibly well despite not having any superior designs or artwork. By that I mean shirts that sold for $20k, $30k, and even $60k. Make a few of those and you can be set for life.

This is done to encourage and motivate you by saying that you DON’T need professionally designed shirts to be able to sell. Sure it can help – but it’s not necessary – it’s more important to write the right message, preferably something funny and/or clever and then position it in front of the right audience. Simplicity will trump design.

Also keep in mind that this is just a very tiny portion of what’s out there – meaning these aren’t the ONLY 11 shirts that sold incredibly well with no design. Most shirts unfortunately don’t display the amount sold and so it can be difficult to tell how successful those shirts sold, even if they did sell very well.

So keep your head up and rock on! If you have a great idea, don’t wait! Publish it and see how it goes! Don’t let anything hold you back. In the next video, I will share with you some sites and places you can use to get some ideas for your T-shirt designs that you can use yourself.

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