Teespring: How to Create Your Teespring Facebook Ad (PPE)

What you need to create a PPE ad for Teespring: 0:24

Setting up your Teespring post: 3:06

Creating the ad on Facebook: 7:32

A few other tips/things to consider/know when running a PPE ad: 23:38

What’s up?!?!

In this video, I wanted to show you how to setup a Facebook ad for your Teespring campaign. I do indeed have a playlist where I show you most everything you need to know about Facebook ads (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMmQulZxhxM&t=25s&list=PLS46f4aLJ2hPG5J4MiEPg6cd7FRrYScd0&index=1), but I did want to make this special video since there are a lot of differences and things to consider when making your Teespring ad in particular, all of which I share with you here in this video.

First thing we will need to do is actually create a POST on our Facebook group page – I will assume you already have a Facebook group, and if not, it’s very simple to set up, just click on the top of your personal Facebook profile where it says ‘create page’ and just follow the steps. You can create a ‘community’ page for this purpose. When you have done this, just write a post with a picture showing off your shirt. You can start with a hook question to your audience and let them know where to get the shirt – but unlike previous videos where I recommended adding price to qualify the visitors to your page, I wouldn’t suggest adding a price here since we are doing a PPE ad – people will be less likely to share if they see a huge price tag on the post.

Creating a PPE ad first benefits us for two reasons – one, it allows you to see whether your campaign and design is good or not – if even on a PPE ad no one comments or likes or shares your idea, chances are that it won’t work with traffic or conversion campaigns either. Second, if your design IS working, tons of people will share your post, thus getting you additional free traffic and visitors to your site. You can then of course scale and try traffic and conversions objective campaigns after.

After you create the post, do NOT select the ‘boost post’ option – this option gives you limited options as to your target audience. Instead, just hold on to your post for now and go back into Facebook Ads Manager/Power Editor and let’s create our ad from there.

So you will need to click on ‘create campaign’ and create a name for your campaign, ad set, and ad. I usually name my campaign whatever offer the shirt/product is related to, followed by the campaign objective – PPE/conversions/traffic being the most typical. I would name my ad sets the same, also corresponding to the particular differences between one ad set and the next, meaning I will write the gender, age, location, and interest, since that is what normally differentiates ad sets. I would name the ad the particular interest group and a number to symbolize ad copy 1, 2, etc… if we do decide to make split tests later on.

For your campaign objective, be sure to select ‘PPE’ for post page engagement as your goal.

After you do that click on ‘next’, your campaign will be set and you will just need to go into the ad sets and ads and adjust all the information within those categories. For the ad set, I wouldn’t touch the age, but would adjust my gender, location, and interest based on my target market. I would be looking at an audience between 100k-300k ideally, as that is not too little for scalability, nor too much for being too irrelevant. Also remember to set the expiration date and start your campaigns the next day early in the morning – I do it at 8:00 AM the next day, so that FB has a chance to optimize your campaigns. Also remember to adjust placements so that your ads show up only in the news feed to start. When you start seeing results, you can test out other options.

After you do this step, the last thing to do is to setup your ad, which you can do by clicking on the ad set title and then ‘editing’ your ad. For here, ALL you have to do is really just select ‘use existing post’ and then highlight the post that you just created on your page. Voila, now your campaign is done!

Also, if you do run this PPE ad, watch out mainly for shares and comments – likes aren’t as important since they are just too easy to get.

That’s it!

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