Teespring: 3 Ways to Create Your T-Shirt Mockup

What is a mockup?: 0:09

Method #1 – Google images: 1:56

Method #2 – Shutterstock: 4:43

Method #3 – placeit.net: 8:16

Hey all!

In this video, I share with you 3 ways to create your own t-shirt mockup so you don’t need to hire anyone to make one for you! It should be very simple to do and once you make it yourself once, you can just reuse the template over and over again as many times as necessary. So without further ado…

1) FREE METHOD – here, you would just go on Google images, go to the images tab, select ‘labeled for reuse with modification’ under ‘tools’ and just type in whatever you are looking for! If you are looking for a man with a black shirt, just look that up and copy paste that image into your Photoshop (we are using Photoshop in our examples)! Same goes for white shirts, grey shirts, or red shirts! Any color, any size, any style you can search up. Of course because the images are free from any copyright claims, your options are much more limited. But that is always the case when something is free. However it’s not impossible so if you really want to save some money, this would be the way to go!

You would basically save the images and just place your design on top of the shirt in Photoshop – simple as that and you’re done! Save that design as template and just use it every single time for your campaigns.

2) SHUTTERSTOCK – this is very similar to the first method, but your options are extended since you can buy images from shutterstock.com and use them in the exact same way you would if you were to take them from Google. The only difference here is that you have far more options from which to select from and they look very good and professional – at the cost of price. It would cost you $29 USD for 2 images and $49 for 5 – unless you go with the monthly plan and get 10 images per month for $49, but I believe they force you to stay on the monthly/yearly plan for a while so there is a catch there.

But once again, after you make this purchase and set up your first mockup, you can just save the template and use it forever!

3) MOST EXPENSIVE BUT PROFESSIONAL – the website you would go to is placeit.net. It’s basically a site that does mockups for anything – Facebook ads, shirts, hoodies, books, etc… All you need to do is pick your design out of the thousands by selecting which person/people you want, and then just upload your design onto their shirt. The site will automatically put your image onto the shirt in the same way as the current image stands now – with all the folds/etc… just like in real life, as though you took a picture of that person wearing it. Looks super good and professional, and you can even make a VIDEO with the same idea! Just upload your design and you’re great to go! You can also select any color you want and it will automatically adjust based on that.

This plan is more expensive though and not long-term – you DO need to pay separately for each new design you want to make – you can’t just pay for a ‘template’ here and would need to buy a new separate picture for each new design you create. It costs $8 per picture and $29 per video, with other plans and discounts, but that’s the general idea – looks cheaper than Shutterstock, but keep in mind it’s $8 PER ONE PICTURE – with Shutterstock, you can just buy ONE picture, and save it as a template forever.

But these are the 3 ways to create your mockup! You no longer need to pay someone to make them for you!

That’s it!

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