What Is Funnel Hacking and How You Can Use It In Your Business

What is funnel hacking?: 0:27

How to funnel hack: 2:45

Useful tool you can use: 3:28

What’s up?!

In this video, I wanted to show you what funnel hacking is and how you can use it in your business.

You may have heard a lot about this from Russell Brunson as he talks about ‘ethically funnel hacking’ super high-converting funnels and using them to build your business.

Funnel hacking is basically looking at other company websites and funnels and imitating whatever it is they’re doing that’s working.

You can leverage a powerful website called similarweb.com to see whether the site and funnel you are looking at is actually any good.

If you see that it has very high conversion rates (or low bounce rates), that obviously means they are doing something that’s working – why not take their layout and format and use as your own?

Now this does not mean you will copy everything they have word for word – that’s what is considered ‘unethical’ funnel hacking.

But what you CAN do is take a look at where they placed their buy button, their images, their videos, what questions they have, etc… and do the same.

Again, whatever they are doing must be working, and if you are just starting out in your business or your product(s), you need to see what works to start out.

You can’t just create a funnel out of thin air thinking that it will be good. Sure, it may work in the very very long run, but you need to first build a core, or a ‘base’ for your funnel, which is where this funnel hacking comes in.

From there on, you can test, experiment, and try out different things.

But when you are first starting, it is important that you simply see what works in the market and imitate it – that is funnel hacking.

That’s it!

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