ClickMagick: How to Track ClickBank Sales Using Postback URL


Why use postback URL?: 0:08

How to setup the postback URL for ClickBank: 1:09

What’s up?!

In this video, I show you how to setup a postback URL with ClickBank using ClickMagick.

This is basically a way for you to track sales, similar to using the pixel method we went over in a previous video (, but more reliable, since ClickBank will literally feed the information over to ClickMagick regarding the transaction, including the amount of the sale, and taking into account all refunds, etc…

The process is similar to what we have done in the previous 2 videos with Peerfly and MaxBounty, but a bit more complicated as it involves using a ‘secret key’.

So the first step then is to head over to your ClickBank account, go to settings, my site, and scroll all the way to the bottom where it says ‘advanced tools’, and click on ‘edit’. It will immediately prompt you to enter a ‘secret key’ and agree to all the terms. Go ahead and say ‘yes’ to all the terms, as long as you assume the responsibility of understanding all of them. Then input any ‘secret key’ you want, which should contain 16 uppercase letters and/or numbers. For the purpose of this example, I set up mine to be 1234ABCD1234ABCD.

After you do that, go back to your ClickMagick account, go to ‘profile’ on the top right corner, and input this very same secret key in the ‘secret key’ spot in the ‘misc’ section. That should be it for the secret key.

Now you need to enter the instant notification URL, which can be found on your ClickMagick page when you type in ‘clickbank’ in the FAQ, and click on the first link you see. Scroll down a bit and you should see a ClickMagick URL unique to every individual, with an ID at the end. Copy and paste this URL into the ‘instant notification URL’ slot inside of ClickBank and click on ‘save’. Go back down to this page, click on ‘edit’ again, and then click on ‘verify IPIN’. It should be verified and you should be good to go for this part!

The last thing you need to do is just type in ?tid=[clickid] at the end of your affiliate link for ClickBank and that should be it! Notice how in the video we put in & instead of ?, as that is what ClickMagick provides us, but you should put in ? if there are NO query strings on your current affiliate link already.

After this that should be it! Now any sale you make should show up on your tracking link stats and you should know how many sales you made and for how much without needing to use pixels!

That’s it!

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