Your #1 Enemy to Your Success

Hey all!

In this video, I wanted to share with you what I found from personal experience to be the #1 obstacle to your path to success.

There are hundreds of different examples that can be used, but I used the biggest ones I went through that pertained to online marketing.

So let me share with you my examples and then you can see if you can figure out what the #1 enemy is.

Example 1: I was fairly new at online marketing and found some great offers to which I was direct linking from Google AdWords. I thought life was great and I didn’t need to do anything else. A few months later that site got suspended however, and now I was stuck. Because I was direct-linking to the affiliate offer, I had no control over that page, so I was not able to make any changes on the site, and hence was unable to run those ads anymore.

My income dropped to $0 as I was heavily relying on those offers. I had to learn how to create my own landing page with an autoresponder sequence and sell through email, which is the well-known, and popular traditional online marketing approach to selling.

But it took me some time to figure out how to make that work and test different variations before finding a successful approach. And during that time, my income was of course… $0. Can you see what I did wrong here? (no, it’s not direct linking ;))

Example 2: For my 2 week vacation, I traveled to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with my family a few months ago. I was running some profitable campaigns with Google AdWords at the time, and really, only Google AdWords.

Due to the change in IP login, my account got suspended, and it took me a week to get it back up and running again.

During that week… my income was $0 and I had to find some way to make money… what if my account wouldn’t get reinstated again? You never know how these folks operate. I had to find a substitute and alternative way to make money while this was getting sorted out. So I had to learn Facebook ads in more detail as a backup to Google.

Can you see what I did wrong here?

If you still haven’t figured it out, your #1 biggest enemy to success is comfort.

As soon as you get too damn comfortable being where you are and doing what you’re doing, you will start moving backwards.

Nowadays, if you stay where you are in life, you are actually not staying in place – you are moving backwards.

So it is imperative that you keep moving forward and looking for new ways to make money so that if something happens, you are not stuck with making $0 until you find another way to make money.

You could also say that the issue here was that I put in all my eggs in one basket, and that is true. But even if I would have diversified and had multiple income streams, I should still never just sit there and not progress further. Because regardless, I would be moving backwards.

Another example I can give is when I thought I would get a job at a pretty prestigious firm in Washington DC, way before I got into online marketing.

I had my interview date set as a result of family connections, so I thought I had nothing to worry about.

I didn’t prepare that much for the interview and thought I would get away with it.

The worst thing is that deep inside of me, I KNEW that I needed to put some work in and not slack off – but I didn’t – I was just too damn comfortable with the THOUGHTS of success.

Result? I didn’t get the job.

So this is something I really wanted to share with you so that you don’t go through the same period of ‘depression’ I went through when my account/sites went down and I had to desperately find other ways to make money.

I hope you never have to be in the same shoes as I was, so start working hard and as soon as you feel that you could be doing more – listen to your intuition and do more. Never feel too comfortable and just not do anything.

That’s all I wanted to share with you for today!

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the NEXT video.

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