Google AdWords: What Are Keyword Insertions and How to Use Them?

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In the previous post, I told you about the difference between using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for your ads.

In this video, I show you what the Google keyword insertions are and how to use them for your own ads.

They are basically a way for you to hyperfocus your audience by providing them with an ad copy that directly meets their needs.

So for example if your phrase match type keyword is ‘monkey’, and someone types in ‘now super monkey buy’ into the Google search bar, your ad will show up and have that exact search description wherever you setup the keyword insertion. You can set it up either in headline 1, headline 2, or the description.

To do this, simply put in a squiggly bracket wherever you want to add the keyword insertion and add a default text. You are pretty much done for the keyword insertion. The default text goes into effect if the search query the user typed in is too long to fit. So if the user typed in ‘monkeys now cool awesome buy now’ into the Google search bar and your phrase match type keyword is ‘monkeys’, the ad will show, but it will use the default text you set since the search query is far too long to fit into the headline. Of course if you put this into the description and there’s space, then that search query will still go off and not the default text.

You can also select whether you want title case, lower case, or sentence case for the keyword insertion. I would recommend using title case so that the first letter of each word is capitalized. That will grab the most attention and look the most professional.

That’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t recommend using broad match type keywords for this since you may get some super highly irrelevant headlines/descriptions. Remember that broad can be extremely broad and your ad can show if someone types in synonyms or anything closely related to the keyword, so that could give you some highly irrelevant clicks.

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