ClickMagick: What Are Dynamic Affiliate Links and How to Set Them Up

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In the previous post, I wrote a review on the book ‘Raving Fans!’ by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.

In this video, I show you what dynamic affiliate links are and how to set them up inside of ClickMagick.

Basically, dynamic affiliate links are links to any website that contain your affiliate tracking cookie. That means that if someone goes to your dynamic affiliate page and then purchases the product, you will get credit for that sale regardless of whether or not the user got a cookie from landing on the vendor’s sales page.

This is especially useful if you want to promote a product but do not like the sales page that the vendor has and want to use your own instead. In this case, a dynamic affiliate link would work perfectly for you since you can bypass the user’s sales page and still get credit for the sale.

You would however need to get your own link to the order form page and sometimes it can be as simple as simply copying the URL of the order form page that follows the vendor’s sales page. However other times it may be more complicated if the vendor’s button that leads to the order form page is not a straight link, but an HTML ‘form’ instead. You would need to always make sure this isn’t the case by clicking on the ‘View page source’ option upon right-clicking on the page with the order form button on it.

Also, you need to absolutely make sure that you are not ‘cookie-stuffing’ and adding your cookie to every single website out there even if it has nothing to do with the offer your are promoting. That is considered illegal and is the wrong thing to do – it’s not fair that you would get a sale for an item even though a user never actually went to the page most relevant to that offer.

In order to setup this dynamic affiliate link, simply click on ‘Advanced Settings’ in the tracking link of the actual page you want to have instead of the vendor’s sales page, and add your affiliate cookie in and click ‘enter code’. This will generate the cookie onto that tracking link and all you would have to do is provide users with that tracking link and you would get a sale if the user ends up buying the product.

In our example, when we entered the ClickBank order form URL into the browser window without the dynamic affiliate link, the ‘affiliate ID’ at the bottom showed ‘none’, meaning that no affiliate would get credit for the sale.

However when we went to the order form through our dynamic affiliate link, we ended up getting credit for landing on the subsequent order form page, denoted by the ‘affiliate ID’ showing my actual affiliate ID.

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