Can’t Sell Main Affiliate Network Products? There Are Other Options!

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In this video, I wanted to hammer down on the question ‘what do I do if I can’t sell MaxBounty or ClickBank or Peerfly products?’

I have been getting these questions a lot recently asking how to sell these products and what to do if you aren’t successful.

Now of course there are probably things we can change and improve on, BUT, I did want to let you know that these networks aren’t the ONLY affiliate networks out there!!

There are TONS of other products being sold out there that are NOT listed in any of the affiliate networks.. and you can still make commissions from them!

What I found personally, is that I sell products much better myself when I have full faith in the product and can create a personal video, write out some personal points, and really reveal some personal experiences with that product, rather than promote something you have no idea about, and worse yet, are afraid it’s scam.

There is a little psychological ‘sabotage’ going on when you are trying to promote products you know are bad or are unsure if they are, and you are subconsciously wishing that no one buys your product because if they do, well, that would be morally wrong for you since you were the one selling.


Pretty much every company now has an affiliate system in place that will allow you to promote their products.

Sure, the commissions may be lower, but who cares? If you are still making more revenue as opposed to costs, take that offer, run with it, and find 100 more just like it! In addition, although the percentages may be smaller, the total amounts may be larger, so on a $3,000 TV that you sell from Best Buy, you can make $30 with a 1% commission.

If you really have full faith in the product, each click to your landing page costs you $0.25, and you get 1 person to convert every 80 clicks – hey, that’s $10 worth of profit for you.

The point is – don’t get so hung up on ClickBank and MaxBounty offers when there is so much more out there in the world that you can sell.

When you get the hang of promoting what you love and can sell with confidence, you can move those same concepts to other products that you are not as familiar with.

That’s it!

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