What is the Most Effective Way to Promote Affiliate Products?

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In this video, I go over what I consider to be the ‘best’ way to promote affiliate products online, including those from ClickBank, MaxBounty, PeerFly, and all the other major affiliate networks.

This is based on my own personal experience as well as what I have been observing marketing professionals and top companies do.

Basically, the traditional way to promote affiliate products was to send people directly to the affiliate sales page from the specific traffic source.

Although this method could sometimes work, it is a more short-term solution since if something happens with that affiliate company (it breaks down or changes affiliate terms and you can’t promote it the way you did anymore), then you will go down with it as well. In addition, you don’t have as much control over the sales process as you would if that traffic was yours.

Instead, I recommend sending people through your personal landing page FIRST, before sending them over to the affiliate sales page.

You can do this by providing something for free, whether it’s a PDF booklet, or a free trial or video.

In exchange, the visitors will input their email address, and you will be able to send them autoresponders while they then go to the main affiliate sales page.

And NOTICE – how every single company or person you sign up to as a mentor will ALWAYS ask for an email address. They will never simply ask for credit card information and get on with it – they will always ask for that email so that they keep you as part of their email list for future business.

This counters the issues we had previously of lack of control and short-term sustainability, since if anything happens to the affiliate company this time, you will at least be able to still keep your email list and send them emails with products you are promoting.

In the emails, make sure to provide tons of value and content to the users. Don’t send them common-sense useless crap as they aren’t stupid and will identify that you are feeding them useless information.

The bigger the ‘a-ha’ moment when sending them emails, the more they will trust you and buy your products that you suggest to them.

Try to share the value in a story and make it as interesting as possible to maintain their attention. Keep each different sentence in a new paragraph as well for an easier read.

I know some products on ClickBank provide you with affiliate tools, and they are definitely great and a good starting point to go off of. However some of the emails you are provided are extremely basic and don’t give off any real value… So you can certainly use those emails as a template, but make sure to add something new and interesting for your audience so that they appreciate you and trust you more.

Also, don’t think that you are ‘selling’ to this audience. You are providing them with VALUE and when you upsell and tie in additional offers in the emails, you are actually doing what is best for the subscriber. Remember, they don’t HAVE to click on and buy anything you offer them – you are giving them that opportunity and if they find it worthy, they will click and buy and thank you for sharing that opportunity with them!

That’s it!

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