How to Add Cool *MUST HAVE* Social Media Follow/Share Buttons to Your Website

Here is where you go to sign up for this website:

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to add some really cool social media share/follow buttons to your website using

The process is incredibly simple – you sign up for this website with your email and password, confirm your email, and then add a short Javascript code they provide you to the header section of your website where you want the icons to show.

Personally, I have always wanted to show the cool little social media icons on the side of my website, just because it looks so cool and Professional!

I finally found a way and wanted to share this with you.

Once you add the code, you don’t need to change it at all again.

You would just select what button type you want, customize them, click ‘update’ if you make any changes, and the new buttons will appear.

Although, if you are adding the social media follow buttons to your existing content, you would need to add the Javascript code into the part of the page where you want them to appear.

So just by adding that central code you were provided, the social media follow buttons will NOT appear – that is a separate Javascript code you would need to add to your website depending on where you want them to go.

Aside from that, the customization options for the buttons are pretty self-explanatory. You can select which social media icons you want (there’s more than 20 there!), select the placement, decide whether you want them to show on mobile or desktop, decide whether you want to show the shares, decide what text you want to show when users hover over those buttons, etc…

This is incredibly cool because not only does your site look more Professional and ‘share-worthy’, but you also get so much free traffic from it!

All people would need to go is just click on one of those share buttons for example, log in to their accounts, and they would just immediately share your page. If they are already logged in to that network, such as Facebook, it makes it that much easier for you to get that free traffic!

And of course the share number is amazing as well, since when you will accumulate the shares on a page, it will show up and let your visitors know that you have some great content! Some more social proof without the sometimes ‘sketchy’ testimonials.

That’s it!

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