How to Add a CTA Button to Your Website (Free CTA Button Generator)

Hey all!

In this video, I just show you a cool website that allows you to generate a cool CTA button and add it either to your WordPress site, or ClickFunnels, or whatever website builder you may have.

Here is the site I talk about in the video:

This is especially useful if you are making a review/coupon website and want to add a call to action button to the site to get visitors to try out your product.

With a site like ClickFunnels, that’s easy enough to do – you just click on the ‘add button’ element.

But what about sites like WordPress where there is no such element and you have to find a button of your own to add?

This is where a site like this can come in handy and allow you to create whatever CTA button you want.

You can customize anything on it, including text, text size, font, style, background color, font color, etc…

You can then just save that button as a PNG image and add it to your site. You would then just hyperlink the image and make it link to the offer you are promoting when people click on it.

Alternatively, you can also add the HTML/CSS code to your site for the button.

This allows for easier customization on your end so that if you want to make any quick changes to the button, you can do so by just changing the code on your page.

This would probably be the better option if you are an experienced coder and also have a website that allows for this, such as ClickFunnels where you are given a CSS/HTML field to add your stuff in.

For sites like WordPress, it would probably be best to just add the image and then hyperlink the site offer to the image.

That’s it!

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