How to Set Up a Custom Domain for CPA Lead Affiliate Network


Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to set up a custom domain for CPA Lead affiliate network.

Just like we did for Peerfly, it’s a really cool feature that you are allowed to take advantage of that allows you to set up a custom affiliate link that you can use rather than the one provided to you, such as and instead make it look a bit nicer, such as

You would want to do this for several reasons, including the two listed here:

1. You are not using any third party tracking system that can mask the affiliate link with a nice looking custom-tracking domain

2. You want to promote a product on a third party tracking system that has blacklisted

The process is fairly simple – you would just go to your domain registrar and add an A record pointing to the IP address provided to you by CPA Lead.

After you do that, you may need to wait 24-48 hours for the new domain to propagate and start working with CPA Lead, but the process is done from here on!

In the video, I already waited enough time for the domain to propagate so that I could show you that it is working.

When you see an affiliate link now, all you would need to do is to manually replace the ‘’ in addition to some of the other additions to your domain followed by /offer.php.

The exact details are listed in the video for you to follow.

It’s as simple as that!

Then for every new offer you can simply change out the user ID and keep everything else the same.

I use a notepad to keep track of these offers, but you can use whatever is most convenient to you, even a real notepad!

That’s it!

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They offer really cheap domains that you can buy for as little as a dollar per year.

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