ClickMagick: Difference Between First Click & Last Click Conversion Attribution Settings


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In this video, I go over the difference between first click and last click conversion attribution settings for your tracking pixel inside of ClickMagick.

Regardless of whether you are using ClickMagick or not, this is an important distinction to know so that you can add the correct tracking pixels to your pages as you track your funnel.

Essentially, the difference between the two is that with the last click setting, the pixel conversion will be attributed to the last link (whether a tracking link or organic link) that the user clicked on, whereas with the ‘first click’ setting, the conversion will be attributed to the very very first click the user clicked on.

So if you are trying to set up a funnel and have a tracking link going to your thank you page from your landing page for example, setting the conversion attribution setting to ‘last click’ will not really do anything for you, since if someone signs up and lands on the thank you page, you will see the action on that thank you page tracking link.

This would not be useful however since you would want to instead see the Sub-IDs and anything else associated with your main landing page link to determine where that click came from.

However setting the conversion setting to ‘first click’ would also be risky, as if you have other tracking links or organic links involved in your account and a user clicks on them first, the conversion will then be attributed to THOSE links instead, thus showing the conversion that is totally unrelated to the link where it actually came from.

Now the difference between first click and first link click, and on the other hand last click and last link click is that one includes organic traffic in it’s reports, and the other doesn’t.

In particular, if your setting is set to ‘last click’ for example, then the conversion will be attributed to the last click the user clicked on, whether it was a tracking link or organic link.

So if a user clicks on your tracking link and then goes through your organic traffic links, the conversion will be attributed to that last organic link.

On the other hand if the setting is set to ‘last link click’, then if the user went through all your tracking links, then went through all your organic links, the conversion will be attributed to the last TRACKING link that was clicked, completely ignoring all the organic links.

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