Most People Miss This *ONE THING* When Taking An Online Course… Don’t Be One of Them!

Hey all!

In this video, I talk to you about the one thing you should not miss when taking any online marketing course at all…

Chances are, that whether you are a beginner, intermediate-level, or expert at online marketing, you have/had/will be taking a bunch of other courses related to your field.

Personally I took a ton of course/learning material for every specific field in online marketing, such as Facebook ads, Google ads, building landing pages, setting up autoresponders, etc… and I have found one thing that people most often miss when taking these courses.

Most of the time you will land on a page that says something like ‘5 ways I promoted affiliate products online successfully’ and then you will tunnel vision on those 5 things, ignoring everything else.

If the course that person is offering lists the 10 steps to do this, that, and that, you tunnel vision on those 10 things and ignore everything else.

Well I wanted to open your mind for a second and see if you can pay attention not to the WHAT of the content… but the HOW of the content that you are looking at, right now.

HOW did the person who’s website you landed on get YOU to click on their site?

HOW did the person who’s website you landed on get YOU to click through to their course or some other product they’re promoting?

HOW did the person who’s website you landed on get YOU to sign up and enter your email?

So you see, it’s not always about what is offered and what the person you clicked on to see talks about, but rather how they do it.

And let’s face it – some of the courses you have taken and will take will be scam/useless content that talks about absolutely nothing.

Personally, I HAVE taken a few courses like that and felt ripped off. I’m not going to point names… but 99% of the course was ‘YOU CAN DO IT! JUST TAKE ACTION NOW! YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!’ – and this was a course about how to design good landing pages.

Blasphemy. If I wanted to listen to a motivational speech, I would have went on YouTube and turned on my motivational playlist.

BUT – I DID get some value out of those courses…


I analyzed how they got me to sign up in the first place!!

OK, so it was a Facebook ad directed at me asking if I wanted to learn to build landing pages…

The website had a limited time offer…

Had a website popup…

And the video the person made was very well done, unique, short, and had a strong call to action…

Boom. Done.

I don’t need any lessons on landing pages now.

Because I saw EXACTLY what was needed in a landing page to make the sale.

If I was foolish enough to click on that crappy course, imagine how many clicks and sales you would get to a REAL course utilizing that very same landing page layout.

I would then repeat exactly what the person showed, and get results…

So people said that course was full of crap and was scam, but, I ended up begging to differ!

If you saw what the others didn’t see, you would become as successful as the person teaching the course. 🙂

And that’s what I wanted to share with you – don’t be like everyone else and tunnel vision, but rather focus on the big picture and see the hidden gem that no one else does.

That’s it!

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